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Changed my marriage!

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 09-22-16

My wife and I struggled for years with what seemed like insurmountable issues in our marriage. So many deep seeded hurts and scars. We were on the verge of divorce when we started looking for counselors, and had little success for a good long while. We finally found a great counselor that recommended this book right away. Things turned around for us in weeks! It's amazing hearing our struggles echoed through the author's case study's. The book opened our eyes to the real struggle behind our issues. We learned how to see each other in a whole new light. This book gave us the tools we so desperately needed to finally understand each other, and learn to speak each other's love languages, and avoid pitfalls (that in the heat of the moment might seem like the rite course of action or tone to take, but only lead to more hurt).

We continually return, and reread the book to brush up. If you are struggling in a marriage or relationship, and are serious about working towards healing and loving each other again, you can't go wrong with The New Rules of Marriage. It absolutely saved my marriage, and we are so much stronger than we were before. I can't stress it enough, get this book. If you take it go heart, and really put these practices in to you're relationship, you can't help but succeed. If I ever meet Terrence in real life, I will give him the biggest man hug ever!

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