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Extremely insightful

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 06-04-19

Extremely insightful depiction of events leading to the Biafra war, the idea of total annihilation of the Igbos by the Nigerians, the ensuing human catastrophe, and the post war victimization of the Igbo people by the Nigerian government which still holds through today.
I imagine this book could have been written about present day Nigeria, and there would have been little noticeable difference - the corruption, the killings by the Fulanis, government appointments based on nepotism and tribalism, the dearth of meritocracy in favor of mediocrity.
Some readers may feel different about this book, but my take is that Achebe presented a variety of opinions and analysis by himself, foreign governments, journalists etc.
Many a times we forget the role played by Britain not just in the supply of weapons to the Nigerians but their role in rigging Nigeria's first election and their tacit support for the pogroms. Nonetheless, was Biafra in a position to engage the Nigerians in a war? I would say NO but the pogroms left them no choice.