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The Language of Archetypes audiobook cover art

A truely awesome value, you NEED this book.

5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 12-05-08

Ok, it is an audio book in original form, I know.
There are not allot of people that come along and can point you in the right direction, or more importantly, give you the tools to choose the right direction. Caroline Myss is both, depending on what you are looking for. Either way, I think everyone from teen to into their 70's should listen to this book. She teaches you to know yourself first, and then you can, if you choose, identify other people's Archetypes. Listen very carefully to her, know where the line is and what you are crossing when you do this, it is easy to misuse what she teaches you. If you use your knowledge as a weapon, well, just don't do it. What you become is the shadow-side of your own archetype. You don't want that.
One last note, I cannot finish this review before commenting on some of the others, sorry, it's just in me. I think some misunderstand her, either by choice or not. Don't mistake her coarseness at times for raw feeling, or for heaven's sake, DON'T take it personal. LISTEN..., that is all I can say.

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