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Dr. Z on Scoring audiobook cover art

It would fit better in the memoir genre

2 out of 5 stars

Reviewed: 04-08-08

Charming accent, work based on a handful of interviews, and personal anecdotes; It doesn't really matter whether the opinions come from centerfold models or any other woman, a lot of them come from the adult entertainment industry. We all want to look and sound goog during interviews. Do we always tell the truth? Respect for the author, though, who is better educated. I lived in Milan, Italy, where the most beautiful women in the world try to make it in the fashion industry, many are so beautiful, and you never see them as centerfold models. I met quite a few and each has a different male or female prototype, hence I doubt anybody can concoct the perfect formula for the best pick up. Dr Z likes men with Armani suits, Dr No likes men with no teeth, who knows why, and better, who cares? I observed Italian men, and must admit to have learned a lot from them. Maybe being organic is the best approach, and let the other seduce you, by keeping your eyes open. That's how they do it over there. By the way, this was a casual read, I love to read anything every single day. Sorry Dr. Z, I'll try to do better by listening to part two. P.S. Robert Greene's The Art of Seduction is mentioned quite often, to me, it is definetely the bible. I must read it 1000 times, everything is there, complete with the games of life we all play every day. Oh...forgive Dr Z. Will talk more at Starbucks some day.

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