J. Braswell

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Reviewed: 03-31-15

Shane dawson is everything.

Shane showed a side of himself he never had before. I was hooked through the entire book. Shane narration was very well done but what he wrote was even better. I didn't know what to expect when I started listening to this, but I can say I am throughly pleased by what I heard.

The chapter about Shane and his grandmother was so well written and such a touching point in this book. Almost everything Shane wrote about had a lesson to be learned or a touching story to be told.

Comparing his YouTube videos to this book would be hard to do. They're almost two completely different works. Shane has never been as personal before than he was in the book. The book should a side of Shane that I think a lot more people need to see before judging him completely.

When I told a few of my friends I was going to buy Shane's book they told me that I shouldn't buy it and that they were judging me and made me feel awful for buying his book. Well I think that if they read this book they'd have a completely different view on Shane. Then again I might just need new friends who don't judge and criticize everything I do.

This book was amazing and I understand why Shane pushed us all to read it he should be proud of what he wrote and he should want us to read it because what he wrote was amzing.

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