APRIL 24, 2020

As we wind down another week in lockdown, we look forward to finally locking down a good night’s sleep, thanks largely to some big-name collaborators…

Putting the “easy” in “rest easy” 😴

While the Editorial team is split on what the right time for bedtime is (#Team10pm, where you at?), and whether early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise, we cannot deny the appeal of the recently announced Sleep collection. It includes sleep meditations from Diddy (!), a luxurious sound bath from Sara Auster, and a deliberately boring story told by Nick Jonas (we promise, it’s not an insult if it puts you to sleep). Truly, something for anyone who needs some help getting some rest.

This one’s for the (sad) grads

High-school and college seniors are facing the very real possibility of missing out on major year-end traditions, including senior trips, graduation ceremonies, and prom. Mental health experts are urging family and friends to take these concerns seriously because the loss of these milestones, combined with the pervading sense of uncertainty, can feel like regression—or even grief. But many digitally savvy youth are refusing to let these occasions pass without a splash: one intrepid senior has taken to Twitter to encourage former President Obama to deliver a virtual commencement to all seniors, spurring the hashtag #ObamaCommencement2020. Others are planning virtual proms (even actor John Krasinski got in game, hosting a prom along with special guests Billie Eilish, Chance the Rapper, and the Jonas Brothers). Somehow we have faith that these young adults will emerge as some of the most resilient members of our society—and for those who need some extra inspiration, we’ve curated this list of commencement speeches.

News you really can use

In Trick Mirror, Jia Tolentino calls the internet a ''feverish, electric, unlivable hell,'' but we swear she could have been talking about another now-ubiquitous digital hellscape: the video call. Thankfully, fashion icon Tom Ford stepped in to make things a little more livable and a lot more glamorous with easy tips for looking good in virtual meetings. So if we look slightly more chic (or at least better lit) on our next video call, it is definitely because the former Gucci designer gave some great advice—not because we got the haircuts we sorely need right now. Now, if only someone could do something about our glitchy connection

Save the last dance

There are no new sports games to watch now but if you love good sports storytelling—epic battles of will and feats of strength amidst personal struggles—ESPN’s The Last Dance, a doc on the Chicago Bulls' last run for an NBA title, will hit the spot. The behind-the-scenes details of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Phil Jackson, and the rest of the 1997–98 team’s epic sixth championship are as good as any novel.

We should decide now what we want to keep

The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood opened her thoughtful piece for Time with the frustratingly familiar image of a failed Google search, which feels particularly poignant at the moment. Everything had been in our grasp, and suddenly it's not, and we don't know when we'll get back to ''normal'' (whatever that means—even if it's just being able to finally place that weird movie memory about the knight and the horse). But if writing myriad versions of the apocalypse doesn’t give her insight, we don’t know what would, and her advice here is a doozy. Not everything will fall back into place, so fight hard now for the things you want to keep. Her list of keepers spans the minute to the vast: from local bookstores to the earth itself. What makes your list?

To listen, or...nah. Listening is the right call.

It’s Shakespeare Week, which means we’re celebrating the life, death, and many accomplishments of history’s most famed playwright. If you’ve felt creatively pressured by the knowledge that the Bard penned King Lear while in quarantine, perhaps turn to Shakespeare for a different reason this week. While you might be missing canceled performances, you can immerse yourself in some of his plays that lend themselves so perfectly to the audio format. Traditional Shakespeare not your jam? These Audible Original retellings of Hamlet and Romeo and Juliet, both performed by Richard Armitage, can make a convert out of almost anyone.

Did you hear?