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Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Series

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Book Series

From epic quests in war-torn lands to wild adventures in outer space, our sci-fi & fantasy
series offer twists, chills, and charms to captivate listeners across the genre.

Popular Series
Enjoy some of the best fantasy book series.

A Song of Fire and Ice Went from Classic to Cultural Phenom

The best-selling series that inspired the HBO sensation Game of Thrones. Set in the mythical Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, George R. R. Martin’s epic chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among noble families for control of the Iron Throne—or freedom from its tyranny. Fierce rivalries, stunning betrayals, mysterious deaths, romantic intrigues, and unnatural beasts abound.

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Dune Is a Timeless Work of Visionary Fiction

Set on the desert planet Arrakis, Dune is the story of a boy who becomes a mysterious man, avenges a traitorous plot against his family, and fulfills humankind’s most unattainable dream. Winner of the first Nebula Award, and an Audie Award for Science Fiction, Frank Herbert’s grand epic is a powerful and timely blend of adventure, mysticism, environmentalism, and politics.

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Join the Prowl for Vampires with Jane Yellowrock

Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker of Cherokee descent who can turn into any creature she desires. Against the backdrop of New Orleans, where dark forces mingle with colorful people, author Faith Hunter draws Jane into an underworld of vampire clan rivalries. Narrator Khristine Hvam captures the tough shape-shifter who, deep inside, is just looking for a place to belong.

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Series in the Spotlight
New, notable, and endlessly entertaining series that are hot right now.

Leviathan Wakes
The Expanse

By: James S. A. Corey
Narrated by: Jefferson Mays

12,707 ratings

Iron Druid Chronicles

By: Kevin Hearne
Narrated by: Luke Daniels

150,498 ratings

Zombie Fallout
Zombie Fallout

By: Mark Tufo
Narrated by: Sean Runnette

47,927 ratings

We Are Legion We Are Bob

By: Dennis E. Taylor
Narrated by: Ray Porter

171,812 ratings

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The 10 Best Vampire Book Series to Sink Your Teeth Into

You’ve powered through Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Stackhouse series, and you’re a die-hard Anne Rice fan—but you want more vampire audiobooks in your life! Whether you’re in the mood for something dark, something sexy, or just something new, we’ve got the bloodiest and best vampire book series for you.

The 10 Best Fantasy Magic Book Series to Disappear Into

Do you love all things magical? Do you hope to find portals to other worlds? Well, we can’t show you the way to a magical wardrobe or tell you where to find a rabbit hole to Wonderland, but these fantasy magic audiobooks are the perfect temporary portals to other lands! Whether you’re looking for popular sword-and-sorcery listens, or just the best fantasy magic books out there, your search for your next favorite series starts here.

Fantasy Series Authors We Love
Discover the series writers on our must-listen list.

The Broken Earth,
Inheritance Trilogy

October Daye,
Wayward Children

The Handmaid's Tale,
The MaddAddam Trilogy

Akata Witch

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If you got swept up in George R. R. Martin’s epic of fierce beasts and ruthless dynastic struggles, these series also feature dark forces and violent rivalries. The Pillars of Reality follows two bitter foes united in a race to stop a looming storm and dragons from destroying their divided empire. Set in a hostile world, Throne of Glass brings together two killers-for-hire on the run from a master assassin. The Broken Earth trilogy starts with an Earth-shattering betrayal and ends with an essential destruction. —Sam

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What Our Listeners Are Saying

Stormlight Archive
An amazing epic fantasy series… The writing is great,
the narration is great, and the action scenes flow nicely,
enabling me to really visualize the story in my mind.
Love it. Five stars isn’t enough.

Matthew, Audible Listener on the
Stormlight Archive Series by Brandon Sanderson
There’s a Book Series for Everyone on Audible

There’s a Book Series for
Everyone on Audible.

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