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The Best Fantasy Audiobooks to Take You Out of This World

Few audiobooks provide as much of an escape as those in the fantasy genre. Each of the best introduces us to an entirely new world (or a new version of this one), a diverse cast of complexly constructed characters, and a story so mesmerizing we’re reluctant to return to real life. But because the genre is so full of talent, it can be difficult to know what to listen to next. Look no further than this list of the best fantasy audiobooks to get you started.

The Most Stellar Sci-Fi Authors of All Time

Science fiction is a genre as diverse as you can imagine. There are stories that take place in deep space, often depicting teams exploring or running away from something; stories that focus on life at the most cellular level, such as a pandemic tale; and stories that take place in times that feel similar to our own, or not too far into the future. Depicting themes of existentialism, philosophy, hubris, and personal and historical trauma, sci-fi offers topics and moods to satisfy the palette of most any listener.

The Best Urban Fantasy Audiobooks

Urban fantasy is a melting pot that borrows all the best elements from our favorite genres to create truly unique worlds where anything is possible. With components of paranormal, noir, suspense, mystery, thriller, romance, and (of course) fantasy, these stories are unbelievably vivid and colorful, bursting with magic while remaining rooted in city settings we know and love. These titles have the perfect blend of reality and realms beyond, offering a sweep-you-off-your-feet story that will make your own world melt away.

Find a series you’ll love

Find a series you’ll love