did we really just pass the halfway point of 2019?? As an Audible Editor, I’m often looking ahead to discover shiny new releases to recommend to you (and okay, selfishly I feel cool when I get to listen to something that’s not out yet!). Sometimes I catch myself looking so far ahead that time just seems to slip by. I mean, I just started looking at titles coming out in December. December. As in winter, snow, holidays. I’m not emotionally ready for that kind of future-thinking. So this month, I’m pumping the brakes a bit and looking back at some of the best sci-fi & fantasy listens that have come out so far this year, as recommended by my fellow editors. Some of which *checks the coast is clear, whispers* I haven’t listened to yet. Because sometimes it’s good to remember that the future is still just that. But good recommendations? Those are worth dropping everything for.

- Sam, Audible editor

About the Editor

Sam is obsessed with sci-fi & fantasy in all forms, with a particular soft spot for robots, time travel, and kick-ass heroines. When she’s not exploring distant galaxies and treacherous dungeons, she enjoys a healthy dose of memoirs, horror, and true crime. She is also an avid knitter who uses audiobooks to get her through mundane and challenging patterns—even if the more intense listens tend to mess with her tension.

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