I've made it!

…to my new home, that is. And in life, I guess—because if getting to ramble on monthly about my latest sci-fi & fantasy obsessions isn’t making it, then I don’t know what is. I’m currently sitting here, surrounded by boxes and other moving detritus. Where are we at with teleportation, by the way? I think I’ve determined I’m not moving again until that’s outside the realm of science fiction.

I consider myself lucky that I get to work from my home office now…but not having to commute two hours a day has taken a toll on my daily listening. I’ve decided to treat myself to a spiffy new set of wireless headphones so I can accomplish two things at once: taking long walks to explore my new surroundings while taking in some great listens. I’ve found it so relaxing that I might actually be listening more now. Plus, I feel pretty futuristic, being wire-free. Bluetooth is an amazing invention. (Hey, hear that, teleportation?! Keep up!!)

- Sam, Audible editor

About the Editor

Sam is obsessed with sci-fi & fantasy in all forms, with a particular soft spot for robots, time travel, and kick-ass heroines. When she’s not exploring distant galaxies and treacherous dungeons, she enjoys a healthy dose of memoirs, horror, and true crime. She is also an avid knitter who uses audiobooks to get her through mundane and challenging patterns—even if the more intense listens tend to mess with her tension.

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