Can we talk

about how amazing the people of Romancelandia are for a minute? I mean, last month I got to fly to Minneapolis to hang out with narrator (and now author!) Andi Arndt and her co-author Tara Sivec to celebrate the upcoming launch of Heidi’s Guide to Four Letter Words. Not only did I get to hang out with them and have dinner with Andi and Tara at Andi’s parents’ house (serious [but keepin’ it low-key] squee moment hanging out at a narrator’s parents' HOUSE)…but fellow narrator Amy McFadden was ALSO there because she FLEW to Minneapolis to surprise Tara! Amy narrated Tara’s Jed Had to Die, and from there they hit off a real friendship. Isn’t that awesome!? I just can’t. It was too cute. And that was only one of the many stories I have from that weekend. Romance land is amazing, people! Don’t ever doubt it!

- Melissa, Audible editor

About the Editor

Melissa’s listening life revolves around 1. escapism and 2. magic. To her, those two words encompass things like portals to new worlds, meet-cutes, and characters who can serve up a good dose of witty banter. Find her tweeting about her latest romance, YA, or fantasy listening obsessions @MelissaBendixen, and if you’re lucky, you’ll occasionally spot a picture of her out and about with her leash-trained cat in the NYC jungle.

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