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Audible Podcast Development Program - Your Podcast Could Be The Next One Everyone’s Talking About

Got a story? We want to hear it.

And we want to help you get it heard. If your project is selected and meets our eligibility criteria, Audible will:

• Award you a $10K commissioning fee to develop your idea into a fully produced podcast pilot or program
• Cover production costs
• Provide editorial and script guidance, as well as production and casting expertise
• Give you the use of our state-of-the-art production equipment and resources
• Facilitate mentorship and peer networking opportunities
• Release your podcast to millions of Audible listeners
We have an ear for original stories and voices

Your Story

Share your inventive, immersive, and wholly original idea. We’re exclusively looking for podcasts with an episodic format and a narrative arc (i.e., a beginning, middle, and end…though not necessarily in that order). We’re seeking a diversity not only of genres — from scripted fiction and comedy, to drama, documentary, and investigative journalism — but of perspectives, cultures, regions, and identities. While we do enjoy conversational shows and hosted interviews, we’re currently accepting submissions for narrative podcasts only.

Your Voice

Whether you’re a debut talent with a personal story, a subject matter expert, or a seasoned producer, your unique point of view is everything. You should have a strong creative vision, a willingness to take risks, and a collaborative approach, as you’ll work closely with the Audible team to bring your creation to life. We’re especially keen on partnering with storytellers from a diverse array of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
We're so excited to share new and different voices with the world that we created a whole new program. We want to partner with next generation of extraordinary audio creators and bring their stories to life for Audible listeners everywhere.

Sample the Kinds of Original Stories We’re Seeking

  • Our Harlem
  • Midnight Son
  • A Grown-Up Guide to Dinosaurs
  • My Lost Family
  • Heads Will Roll
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not currently accepting submissions. Stay tuned for details on the next call for entries.
To review the Terms and Conditions of the Audible Podcast Development Program refer to the submission form.
Thank you for your submission! Unfortunately, once an application is submitted it cannot be edited.
At this time we’re only able to support applications and supporting documents in English.
Yes, you can definitely apply if you already have a podcast. However, the idea you submit has to be an original and not yet currently available to the public.
Absolutely! We are looking for great stories and storytellers. Please feel free to apply even if you do not have production experience.
Yes, only 1 idea can be submitted by a person or team, with each team composed of up to four creators.
Yes, when submitting your application please limit your audio sample to 3 minutes.
Yes, when applying a working title can be used. Please note: changes to the title cannot be made during the application process. If your application is accepted the title can be changed thereafter.
The review process has several stages. You can expect to hear from us in 6-8 weeks after the close of the submission window. Please note: Our timeline is subject to change based on the volume of submissions received.
Yes, we will notify all applicants if their submission was not accepted. However, given all of the ideas received, we will not be able to provide feedback to each applicant or give reasons for not selecting a particular submission.
No, the Audible Podcast Development Program is focused on new ideas and programs that are not (and have not been) publicly available through any service, platform or other channel.
If your idea is selected and you agree to Audible’s standard original content development and production agreement, the podcast will become exclusive to Audible, and cannot be hosted on other channels, websites or services.
The content produced under the Audible Podcast Development Program will be distributed in the form of episodes unless otherwise agreed between the parties. Depending on the direction we take, such podcast may be released as a pilot, the first episode of a series, or a complete program.
Thank you for interest in the Audible Podcast Development Program. Please visit to apply. Please share your best elevator pitch and/or summary outlining your original idea. We’d also like to get a sense of the level of financial, technical, or production support you believe is needed to complete your project, as well as your perspective as a creator and experience as it relates to your idea.
We are looking for compelling original content that tells a unique story from a fresh point of view. Listed below are some (but not limited to) qualities we’re looking for:

i. Ideas that represent a diverse array of backgrounds, disciplines, experiences, and perspectives.
ii. Content that reflects the richness of the human spectrum with respect to race, ethnicity, gender identity, and sexuality.
iii. Creators that are willing to take risks and work hand-in-hand with Audible to bring their idea(s) to life.
Yes, a team of up to 4 people can apply together on a single project.
Once selected, someone from our program will reach out to you to discuss next steps and provide further details on how to proceed, including(but not limited to) signing Audible’s standard original content development and production agreement.
There is no obligation for you to participate in the Audible Podcast Development Program until such time, if any, that you enter into Audible’s standard original content development and production agreement.
Yes, your work samples must be one of the following formats: mp3, doc/docx, and/or pdf files (maximum total of 300 MB). Please note all files will need to be included at time of submission. Once your application is submitted you will not be able to send additional attachments.
Remember that your submissions must be 100% original to you; the submission should not contain any materials or performances unless you have legal rights to those materials and performances (e.g. voice talent, audio clips, music, etc.)
If you have any questions regarding the Audible Podcast Development Program feel free to email us at
At this time, the Audible Podcast Development Program is not accepting submissions from employees of Audible, Amazon, or any companies owned or operated by either Audible or Amazon.