from London! By the time this email hits your inbox, I can guarantee I’ll already be off exploring. As everyone back in Newark can tell you, I’ve been talking about this trip a lot over the past month—and it’s even showed in my listening choices. It’s kind of like studying up for a big test, but much more fun. As we started planning this trip, my boyfriend and I became completely obsessed with London Made Us by Robert Elms. It explores the evolution, diaspora, and eventual gentrification of London, offering a wholly unique glimpse into the city’s history (including a shout-out to my old neighborhood!). Plus, it also happens to provide copious inspiration for the long list of things we’ll want to do during our travels. It’s only been five years since my last trip out, but if Robert Elms has imparted anything, it’s that time has the power to change just about everything.

- Michael, Audible editor

About the Editor

With a broad range of interests, it’s hard to guess what Michael’s going to listen to next. Although he likes to get his ears into a little bit of everything, some of his favorite listens deal with environmental issues, gender studies, and LGBTQ+ topics. Follow him on Twitter @mikecollina.

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