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Author and spiritual leader Jim Wallis sits down with today's cultural voices to go beyond the headlines.

The Author Recommends: Jim Wallis’ Picks for Enlightened Listening

As one of the leading voices on social justice in America, Jim Wallis shares what he is listening to as well as why he chose to explore the subject in his own Audible Original show.

America's Original Sin

By: Jim Wallis
Narrated by: Patrick Lawlor
I wrote this book especially for white people to read to understand the depth of racism in America and that “repentance” from the “original sin” means turning around and how we can do that.

Just Mercy

By: Bryan Stevenson
Narrated by: Bryan Stevenson
Bryan Stevenson shows why he is one of the most important voices in America today illuminating that slavery never really ended but just evolved into today’s criminal justice system.

The New Jim Crow

By: Michelle Alexander
Narrated by: Karen Chilton
This is one of those books that has changed the national conversation—showing how mass incarceration has led to the systematic disenfranchisement of black and brown citizens putting our very democracy in peril.