Gift Center - Romance

Things might get steamy

Give them the gift of meet-cutes and secret rendezvous. No matter what, they’ll get lost in love.

Scrubs, a 24/7 laundromat, is a funny place for an old passion to reignite.

A men’s romance book club really gets into rescuing a crumbling marriage.

Two university scientists fake an affair until true love grabs them.

An orderly professor seeks a wife…and slams into a whirlwind called Rosie.

He finds his true love again: a treasure hunter’s daughter…and she’s angry.

She’s older, richer, refined — he’s everything she wants and can’t have.

They’re pals until the line between friendship and love starts to blur.

A reserved duke is betrothed to one twin and hopelessly enamored with the other.

She falls for her favorite actor and is betrayed. Now, he needs her help.