Too good to be true, but these titles are

Open their eyes and minds to amazing events and facts.

Treacherous seas and treasonous men make for a terrific listen.

Hear Jon Meacham tell the story of one of America’s greatest men.

Grok quantum theory with Hawking’s take on the origin of the universe.

This true story of murder and greed only sounds like a fiction thriller.

What is: Jeopardy’s Ken Jennings explores views of the afterlife.

A Pulitzer Prize winner studies what it means to be Latino.

Tupac Shakur is only one branch of an epic American family.

Turns out, sometimes it’s a fine line between genius and idiot.

Toni Morrison calls this National Book Award winner required reading.

More thrilling stories from a hunter with deep reverence for nature.

Go on an absurdly dangerous quest with brave men who can’t get along.

130 went up Hill 400, 13 came back, and thanks to them all we won WWII.

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