On my last odyssey

I was inspired by Odysseus himself and opted to travel light. I was heading to Austin, TX to attend the live storytelling event Together Live and support Reese’s Book Club x Hello Sunshine on Audible. It was a work trip, but rather than attempting to answer emails and manipulate spread sheets on the plane, I saved Audible the cost of in-flight Wi-Fi and simply listened to a book I’d already downloaded.One Day in December is about a fateful moment when a woman and man catch each other’s eye at a London bus stop—but their story is not a simple one and complications, naturally, ensue. After several hours of listening, I arrived in Austin half expecting to fall in love with my Lyft driver (didn’t happen).

Now that I’m back East, I’m ready for a little cold weather and to fill this twelfth month of 2018 with love, great stories, and, yes, time spent checking my list. Literally. (I keep an excel sheet of all the books I’ve listened to and all the books I have yet to finish before the year is out. What, don't you?)

About the Editor

Tricia listens to discover characters and voices that transport her, not to a fantasy world, but to the heart of what it is to be human in this world. Follow her on Twitter @tricia___ford.

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