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"It's All About Suckage-Avoidance"

I had the immense pleasure of speaking with one of my all-time favorite writers, George Saunders, when Lincoln in the Bardo released in 2017. You can hear me geek-out with the award-winning author in this Audible Range article, as we discuss the origins of his highly inventive first full-length novel and the importance of “finding the fun” when writing. And below, I discuss three essential listens for Saunders fans.
Lincoln in the Bardo By: George Saunders
“Come for the record-breaking narrator cast—totaling over 166 voices—including incredible performances from Nick Offerman, David Sedaris, and Saunders himself, but stay for a one-of-a-kind work whose originality is matched only by its poignancy.”
Tenth of December By: George Saunders
“Hearing Saunders read these stories himself is a true gift. You get the sense that you're hearing the characters as the author heard them in his head, whether it's the voice of a baby deer or a manager giving the worst pep talk via memo.”
Congratulations, by the Way By: George Saunders
“This, along with David Foster Wallace's This Is Water, should be required listening for all humans. Personally, it never fails to bring me back to center, reminding me to choose kindness and compassion, and that empathy is a gift we too often forget to give.”

Memorable Scenes From Recent Listens

Ben meets Pennywise
"I'm gonna show you Marvell, Arkansas."
Armor is to Hank, what salad is to Ron Swanson
Kevin Hart's "Charming Manipulation Scale"
"Their eyes met. And they looked away."
  • It
  • Ben meets Pennywise
  • Testimony
  • "I'm gonna show you Marvell, Arkansas."
  • A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
  • Armor is to Hank, what salad is to Ron Swanson
  • I Can't Make This Up
  • Kevin Hart's "Charming Manipulation Scale"
  • Preparation for the Next Life
  • "Their eyes met. And they looked away."

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