Make your dog’s day

Listening to audiobooks can make your dog calmer and happier,
according to a study from Audible and dog behaviorist Cesar Milan.

Calmer dogs. Happier dogs. Seriously.

In our recent study with Cesar Milan, 3 out of 4 dog owners reported a positive
change in their dog’s behavior after playing an Audible book for their dog.*

Home but not alone

The sound of a human voice can help minimize your dog’s stress while you’re out of the house. Comfort your dog by playing an audiobook the next time you need to step out

Here’s how to get started

Pick one of Cesar’s recommended
audiobooks to play for your dog—they’ve
been chosen because they’re soothing.

Set up your home listening device (such as
an Amazon Echo) somewhere your dog
feels most comfortable.

Play the audiobook a few minutes before
you leave the house—and don’t interrupt
your dog’s listening to say goodbye.

Happy dogs listen

Not an Audible member? Try us free for 30 days and see how listening can boost your dog’s mood.


*Audible and Cesar’s Way Inc. / Cesar Millan’s Dog Psychology Center: Study was based on anecdotal research with 100 volunteer participants over a 28-day period from April 2017 to May 2017. Study focused on testing the impact of different types of audiobook narration and audiobook attributes on participant dogs. Participants were provided with Amazon Echo devices, instructions for playing audiobooks on the Amazon Echo, and survey questions to be filled out daily by participants. Throughout the course of the 28-day study, participants were asked to test 4 different attributes: narration type (e.g., male v. female and variation of accent), volume, time of day, and genre type, with the direction to observe dog behavior when participants (owners) left home and returned home after at least a one-hour period. Participants recorded dog behavior (pre- and post- audiobook play period) on a daily basis, providing quantitative and qualitative responses on their perceived changes in dog behavior to Cesar’s Way, Inc. via an anonymous survey portal. Cesar’s Way, Inc. consolidated and compiled survey responses and calculated behavior differential percentages comparing cumulative participant results before and after audiobook play period. Cumulative results showed that in 27 out of 28 days tested, dogs exhibited positive behavior differential scores post-audiobook play period. For more information on this study, please email