my favorite holiday is here. I'm not a big fan of the shift to cold weather, and I find the holidays in general a kind of exhausting, overwrought spectacle in New York (hot take!), but the one part about it I look forward to is Thanksgiving. It's kind of a perfect holiday if you ask me. Everyone comes together, there's no real ceremony to it, you get down to the business of eating, and then you sit on a couch and fall asleep. Or, if you're unlike me and enjoy watching football (another hot take!), then there's that as well.

Now that I've left the nest and the world thinks I'm an adult, it'll be really nice to go back home and forget about my responsibilities for a little while. I find the best thing to distract me from thinking about that nonsense is some jokes, so here are a few new comedy titles out this month that might keep you happily distracted as well.

- Aaron, Audible editor

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