has been a big month of firsts for me. I got to go to California for the first time for my first business trip, where I attended my first San Francisco Sketchfest and conducted my first interview. I also had my first In-N-Out burger (which was a little underwhelming if you ask me, but hey, I’ve never been one to complain about a burger).

The Golden Gate Bridge was cool and that burrito I had in the Mission was something else, but the highlight of it all was sitting down to speak with Lauren Lapkus, the mega-funny, crazy talented, and incredibly kind actress and comedian, and one of the stars of the Audible Original Bad Reception. I’ve been a fan of Lauren’s work for a long time so I was nervous about it, but I managed to keep my cool and not full-on panic which, not to brag, is kind of my thing. We had a great conversation about Bad Reception, her career, how terrified I am of day-to-day things, and more. All in all, I had an incredible time seeing the sights, checking out some awesome comedy, and meeting some really funny, smart people in the comedy world.

- Aaron, Audible editor

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