Better Late Than Never Challenge

Our editors tackle the classics they missed in high school. Was it worth the wait?
Literary classics tend to come with baggage. We sense we’re somehow not well-read enough for having skipped one (or many) of the greats, and yet we can be loathe to admit to any holes in our knowledge. Personally, I think it’s a shame that this particular art form is often associated with guilt. Besides, the modern canon is currently being reevaluated to accommodate significant works from underrepresented cultures and communities, a sea change that’s long overdue.

That said, there’s something deeply rewarding about finally finishing the heavyweight we avoided (or pretended to have read) for years—just ask me about the summer I spent marveling over the wonder that is Moby-Dick, and at myself for tackling it. So I was excited to host the Audible editors in a classics challenge—especially because, pro tip, listening helps them go down all the easier.—Kat J., Audible Editor