From volcanic eruptions to seismic sea waves, discover books that revolve around nature's fury and the dynamic human spirit.
As a huge history and nonfiction listener, a lot of my favorite audiobooks seem to fall into the weather disaster category, but when I had the idea for this list—inspired by our new and brilliant Audible Original from Michael Lewis titled The Coming Storm—I knew I needed to tread carefully. For those living in coastal cities worldwide, or on the Great Plains in the middle of the United States, natural disasters are a harsh reminder that our world is an amalgamation of forces that, under the right circumstances, impose their will on our lives. The intent of this list is certainly not to capitalize on the tragedies suffered by others, but rather to spread the understanding of the world we live in and to shed light upon the ability for us, human kind, to rise above great tragedy. If history has taught us anything, it is that the perseverance of the human spirit is undefeated, and the 14 books below are all a testament to that fact. —Kyle, Audible Editor