Audible Creator Program

Program Overview


Promote Audible through Amazon Associates

Drive Traffic

Drive visitors to using Audible links and banners


Make money when your visitors buy Audible products and services on Amazon

Starting Feb 1, 2015, you can earn advertising fees when you refer qualifying Audible purchases with the Amazon Associates program.

What is the Amazon Associates program?

Amazon Associates, one of the first online affiliate marketing programs, has an 18+ year track record of developing solutions to help publishers monetize their websites by advertising millions of products from and subsidiaries like Audible.
The Associates program allows you to refer your site visitors directly to, where they can conveniently and securely purchase the Audible products and memberships that you advertise on your site. For each eligible Audible purchase or membership signup that you refer, you will earn a fixed advertising fee (bounty)

What Audible products can I promote, and how much can I earn?

Beginning February 1, 2015, Associates are eligible to receive advertising fees for each site visitor who signs up for an Audible membership plan and/or purchases an a la carte audiobook on

Standard Fee Structure

Audible Gold Digital Membership

Successful registration for an Audible paid membership on

Audible Audiobook

Purchase of an Audible audiobook on (including purchases made using Audible membership credits).

A La Carte Sale

An 'a la carte sale' refers to audio purchased at retail prices (not with credits or through a membership plan). Affiliate commissions are $0.50 for each ALC sale and are paid for new and returning ALC customers.

Product Details:

Audible Free Trial:

• Get two free audiobooks to start
• After 30 days, get one audiobook a month for $14.95/month
• Receive 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases
• Cancel at any time. A member’s books are theirs to keep, even if they cancel

Audible Gold Digital Membership:

• Get one audiobook per month for $14.95/mo
• Receive 30% off the price of additional audiobook purchases
• Cancel at any time. A member’s books are theirs to keep, even if they cancel

Audible Audiobook Sale:

• Any audiobook purchased either separately or with a credit included in a membership plan.

How does the Amazon Associates program work?

When website owners and bloggers, who are Associates, create links, and their visitors click through those links to buy Audible (and Amazon) products and services, they earn advertising fees. It’s free to join and easy to use. See the Associates Program Operating Agreement for complete terms and conditions.

Simple Advertising Tools: You don't need to be a webmaster or developer to utilize the advertising tools. Simply cut-and-paste to link to the products, services, popular categories, favorites, best sellers, search-results pages, and banners you want to promote.

You can choose several ways to link to from your site. To add compelling content and enhance your site, you can customize Links, Product Images and Widgets. Simply browse and select the type of product you'd like to add, then follow instructions to get started.

Detailed Reporting: Amazon Associates provides detailed reports to help you monitor and improve your earnings over time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to use a special landing page in order to earn advertising fees for a qualifying Audible purchases?

You can earn advertising fees on any Audible sign-ups or audiobook purchases made through – no specific landing pages required.

Can I earn an advertising fee (bounty) for sign-ups and purchases I refer through the website?

As of Feb 1, 2015, new Audible affiliates can only earn advertising fees for Audible products and services that are sold on in conjunction with the Amazon Associates program.

Does a visitor need to complete the Audible 30-day Free Trial before I get paid?

No, you will earn advertising fees for all eligible Audible Free Trials initiated regardless of whether the visitor completes 1, 17, or 30 days of their Audible Free Trial.

What assets are available to promote Audible through Amazon Associates?

To start creating text and image links for Audible memberships or individual audiobook titles, simply search for a specific Audible product via Product Links at Associates Central. You will also find text links and banners to promote the Audible Free Trial in the Promotions Hub, under the Special Bounties tab. Several banner sizes are available to support your promotional efforts.