Author's Picks

Tom tells us "how we ended up in today's craziness — and where we might be headed" with these three book picks

Tom Rachman — Best-selling author of The Imperfectionists
The History of the United States, 2nd Edition By: The Great Courses, Allen C. Guelzo, Gary W. Gallagher, Patrick N. Allitt
“What happens next? That's a scary question lately. A bold historian offers an answer that will fascinate you (but not calm your nerves). The rise of tech, he argues could sideline humanity. And we're not prepared.”
Prisoners of Geography By: Tim Marshall
“Headlines about farflung parts of the globe are puzzling. Why say they are fighting over a bunch of little islands? This book has answers, explaining how wealth and wars are so often determined by mountains and seas.”
Ill Fares the Land By: Tony Judt
“Shameless self-interest is no longer shameful. How did we end up so egotistical? In this superb look at recent past, Judt shows how material gain snuffed out the idea of solidarity. Society is ill, he says, but we can change it.”

Editors' Picks

Celebrating Banned Books Week and the importance of diversity in YA (and all) genres

In the Night Kitchen By: Maurice Sendak
“This book is challenged for its illustrations. And I get it — the kid spends half the book naked. But something that makes my 7-year-old laugh this hard can't be bad.”
Emily C.
I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter By: Erika L. Sánchez
“Julia has never been "perfect" — she always left that to her sister, Olga. But when Olga dies in a tragic accident, Julia must reframe her idea of what perfect really means.”
Long Way Down By: Jason Reynolds
“So much can happen in a mere 60 seconds, as 15-year-old Will learns during a fateful elevator ride as he confronts a life-changing choice. Nothing will ever be the same.”
Sonja C.