March Ab-ness Is Back

March Ab-ness
Is Back

As die-hard romance fans, we take our book boyfriends very seriously. And with so many heroes out there, it can be difficult to decide which ones deserve the honor of being called our favorites. But that didn’t stop us from trying! The Romance Editors got together to debate our top literary heartthrobs (and trust us, there were a lot). With an abundance of nominations across all categories (and some friendly debates), we settled on a few of our most recent noteworthy heroes. And so, without further ado, check out the latest Tournament of Book Boyfriends! To catch up on last year’s competition, find the 2018 winners here. —The Audible Romance Editors

Filthy Rich

There’s a lot in a name. Despite the fact that Dex Truitt technically has two, there’s just something about Célian Laurent that has a certain je ne sais quoi. And sometimes you really just need a rich, handsome, and troubled alpha hero to root for. We may not be able to relate to his background, but we can still appreciate it.


There’s something hard to resist about a man lovingly referred to as Sir McHotpants. But once he was challenged by Farrow Keene, Sir McHotpants (aka Quinn Sullivan) fell just a little short. Maybe it was the tattoos, or maybe it was his attitude, but Farrow stole our hearts. After all, when you’re an alpha hero and a 24/7 bodyguard, you’re basically the ultimate protector.

Nice Guy

We love Jack. He’s one of the sweetest bartenders and retired Marine veterans out there. But as soon as Peter Kavinsky entered the picture, Jack just didn’t stand a chance. Whether you first fell for him in the movie or the audiobook, there’s no denying that Peter is the nice guy we’re all fawning over.

Single Dad

The only thing cuter than a man with a puppy is a man with a kid. We could never hate Adam Connor, what with his award-winning smile and dedication to his son. But the sacrifices that Mike Beacon made for his daughter simply brought us to tears. And for that, he wins.


We love Easton Wylder’s bad boy attitude on and off the field, but this time he’s struck out. Instead, we’re giving our hearts over to the world-famous figure-skater, Ivan Lukov. Even though he’s known for his icy exterior, we promise there’s a heart of gold underneath it. And you’ll fall in love too once you find it.


Up-and-coming rapper Marlon James has a way with words. On the brink of musical stardom, he’s proven himself a worthy book boyfriend to the editors. But even so, we just weren’t done yet with Michael Phan. As a tailor and aspiring designer who moonlights as a male escort to pay his family’s medical bills, Phan transcends the category.


For listeners who prefer their boyfriends a little more beastly, two shifters top the list of our paranormal book boyfriends. Whether it’s the aura of mystery that surrounds him or his supernaturally protective nature, we fell for Austin Cole. But it still couldn’t compete with the charm and exuberance of the bear-shifter mayor of Mystic Bayou. Zed’s just too impossible to resist.


With so many awesome heroines out there, we had to show them just a little bit of love too! As a college student juggling two jobs on top of her volunteer work, Danny amazed us with her compassion. But when she’s competing against twentieth century suffragette and Harlem cabaret owner Bertha Hines, Danny places silver instead of gold. Bertha wins!

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