We Can't Get Enough

We Can't Get Enough

As Audible Editors, we listen to a lot, and there’s no denying that we each have our own listening obsessions. Whether it’s a favorite author, genre, narrator, or trope, it’s that thing we just can’t get enough of. Luckily, with so many new additions to the Romance Package, there’s always something new to discover! Take a look at some of our latest obsessions below, or browse the entire selection of newly added books to the Romance Package and find your own perfect match. —The Audible Romance Editors

Now you can obsess over the full series

If I had to sum up Erin Watts’ Royals series in one word, it would be addictive. And yes, addictive in italics for extra oomph. Fallen Heir and Cracked Kingdom were recently added to the Romance Package completing the series, so now you can go full binge. Cracked Kingdom wraps up Easton Royal’s story—hands down the most fun and entertaining of the five Royal brothers—as he attempts to make things right with his family, his girl, and come to terms with his own personal history. With performances by Angela Goethals and Zachary Webber, it’s impossible not to get attached to these characters. —Katie O., Audible Editor

A lot more than friendly fun

Good-girls-gone-naughty is a long-cherished trope of mine. Combine that with a friends-to-lovers story that serves up one sexy friend helping the other explore her deepest fantasies and you’ve got a home run for me. The fact that sweet Arden and charming Gabe have the kind of easy banter that is just fun to lean into, along with a slow burn that ends in the kind of flames that Arden’s only ever dreamed of sharing. Erin Mallon and Joe Arden continue to amp up their audio chemistry with this duet-style narration that is easily making it my new favorite style. —Abby W., Audible Editor

The beginning of an epic romance

It’s been a few months now since I listened to The Bridge Kingdom, but I’m still thinking about how much I enjoyed it. I’ll occasionally go back and look at all the positive reviews and feel proud of this little gem for doing so well since it’s come out. It’s a really fun romantic fantasy, exactly my cup of tea, with a clever plot and engaging characters that kept me tuned in. I loved that the heroine had to pretend to be meek but was actually an assassin—we get to keep this little secret in our back pocket until wham! Lara plays her hand just right. And it’s the beginning of a series so we are going to be getting more of Lara and Aren soon! If you like a fast-paced romantic fantasy with a kickass heroine and a slow burn relationship, I recommend you pick this one up. —Melissa B., Audible Editor

Not all heroines wear capes

The high-school sweethearts trope, in which the couple at first glance seems totally mismatched, is one I find irresistible in my romance listens. Add in a strong female lead and an adorable love child to tug at the heartstrings, and this mama to a preschooler is all in. In Ghosted, J.M. Darhower does a wonderful job weaving together a story within a story that will resonate with anyone who has ever believed in loving someone enough to set them free. The dual narration from Maxine Mitchell and Joe Arden is seamless and captures the couple’s pleasures and pain, including the hero’s struggles with sobriety, beautifully and believably. This audiobook is easily among my favorites of the year. —Valerie B., Audible Editor

Not your entry-level romance

I tend to pick up rom-coms or sweet regencies, so Turbulence—in all its angsty glory—was a big step out of my normal lane, and I was SUPER surprised at how much I liked it. This is not entry-level romance, people. The hero is flat out mean to the heroine most of the time, and while you eventually come to understand and sympathize with the roots of his pain that doesn't change the fact that he's a real d*ck for much of the story. It's a prime example of what Rachel Hollis termed "safe evisceration" when we chatted with her on Audicted, in which a story allows you to experience a tear-you-down-to-the-bones relationship that, when it finally turns around, delivers the highest of highs. No sane person wants a relationship like this in real life, but it can be so fun in fiction. Joe Arden simmers and rages, Erin Mallon splutters and weeps (and also stands up for herself) in this perfectly cast pairing. And it's all made even better by the fact that the story is set among the clouds. Scientists have claimed that at higher altitudes your senses are numbed, which is why we crave salty food and drink when flying. Well, on your next trip, I say order yourself a bloody mary and settle in for this intense roller coaster of a listen. —Emily C., Audible Editor

There's always more than meets the eye

While I wouldn’t really consider myself a patient person in my daily life, I’ll fully admit that I’m all about a slow burn in my romance. There’s just something so satisfying about a friends-to-lovers story where the heroes take their time getting to know each other and nurture their emotional connection. And when you’re able to laugh alongside the anticipation, it’s a win-win all around. Henry and Reed both come off as two of the sweetest, most down-to-earth, and relatable guys you could imagine. (I mean who hasn’t cursed the treadmill during a workout?) And in tackling issues with body image and weight loss, The Weight of It All proves itself an uplifting and thoughtful take on learning to love yourself and find your inner confidence. —Michael C., Audible Editor

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