When we think of the great love stories of literature, our minds tend to turn to fictional pairs—the iconic characters whose intertwined fates and flaming passions have captivated our imaginations through the ages. But with all due respect to Romeo and Juliet, sometimes we need a little IRL inspiration. Whether they’re editing each other’s work, providing real-world creative fodder or simply bestowing one another with the precious gift of a little privacy, our favorite author couplings have a lot to teach us about both romance and the writing process. Just like their fictional counterparts, some of these partnerships didn’t last forever—but we’ll always have their work to love for a lifetime.—Kat J., Audible Editor

Married Couples Who Write Together

The Wait By: DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good
“The concept of abstinence is a bit of a hard sell these days, but when it comes from a hugely successful, inspirational and charismatic couple like DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good, we're all ears.”
West Cork By: Sam Bungey, Jennifer Forde
“Audible editors are addicted to West Cork, the true-crime series that digs into a mysterious murder in Ireland. We’re equally in awe of Sam Bungey and Jennifer Forde, the married reporters who bring the story to life.”
On the Edge By: Ilona Andrews
“Creativity is a team effort for the husband and wife behind the pen name Ilona Andrews. The first book in their Edge series introduces readers to a fascinating world of magic, romance and adventure.”