As you might guess, there's a rampant listening culture here at Audible. While riding the elevator, it’s not uncommon to overhear literal “elevator pitches” for books we’re passionate about. And it's not just the Audible Editors who have their apps going 24/7. It fact, our data analysts, developers, customer care agents, and VPs are among the most voracious and even competitive listeners in the building. When we started polling our colleagues we discovered how many of us set high goals this year, constantly striving to listen more and listen smarter. And of course we’re always on the hunt for the next great book! What's your listening goal for 2017?
We asked Audible staffers . . .

Where's the strangest place you’ve ever listened?

"I listened on a date once . . . it didn’t go well." –Audrey, Data Science

"Running in a rainstorm in an unfamiliar town. Lucky it wasn’t a scary book." –Steve, Brand Creative

"The hospital. It’s happened more than once! Books are my happy place, and listening always allows me to center myself and focus on just one thing." –Katie, Audible Editor

"In the shower?" –Andy, Market Research

Where's the strangest place you often listen?

"I love to listen as part of my morning routine. I have a Bluetooth waterproof speaker in the shower and use my Bluetooth headphones in the morning to listen and hold back my hair while I do my makeup." –Lauren, Business Development

"Probably sitting in mall/grocery store parking lots when I'm too engrossed to turn off my book just yet. I've probably confused and frustrated quite a few people looking for a parking spot." –Sam, Audible Editor

"I guess you could consider the NYC subway or NJ regional rail pretty strange. But now that I live close enough to work to walk I usually listen at night in the bath, or in the middle of the living room with the lights off and my feet up on a stool. It’s a posture thing." –Michael, Audible Editor

What makes listening to an audiobook a unique and special experience?

"It’s because it gives you just enough information (what a character’s voice sounds like) but still allows you to envision and picture the visual aspects. With reading, I lose out on that voice, voices are harder to imagine than physical characteristics. With TV, everything is provided to me and leaves nothing to my imagination. Audiobooks contain the perfect amount of everything." –Nicole, Content Acquisition

"I'm also a big TV nerd so I do my fair share of watching, but I like that I can be productive while listening to a book. When I clean while watching TV I tend to do a bit more watching than scrubbing. . . ." –Sam, Audible Editor

"I like audiobooks because they shine more light on the story, like inflections in the narrator’s voice that you might have otherwise missed in print. Yet, it still allows your imagination to fill in the gaps of what is visually going on. It’s like the semi-homemade version of books, not quite a blank slate but not a fully developed film with sound and images." –Tori, Marketing

What other strategies have worked in your all-important quest of fitting more audiobooks into your life?

"Being prepared. If I don’t have my next 3–5 listens lined up, I can end up spending a lot of time looking for my next listen and have a higher likelihood of giving up listening for a while until something catches my eye (or ear)." –Nicole, Content Acquisition

"I really think it's all about making it a habit. I used to just put music on during drives shorter than ~1 hr but I've started putting on my book instead. 15-minute listening increments do add up!" –Sam, Audible Editor

"Convert the family—then road trip listening is something you can all look forward to." –Katie, Audible Editor

"Invest in a good pair of headphones." –Audrey, Data Science

"My husband listens too. Rather than sitting on the couch and watching a show together we put in our earphones and take a walk together. We both get to hear the stories we want, enjoy the awesome weather, hold hands and decompress from the day." –Lauren, Business Development