We’re reflecting on the books that got us hooked on listening, and on the moments we realized we'd become avid listeners. So, if you’re new to audio and not sure where to start, or are already an audible-addict and just don’t know what to listen to next, these are the books we recommend you dip into.

Born a Crime

By: Trevor Noah
Narrated by: Trevor Noah
"There was something so special about Noah’s memoir that took it to a whole other, immersive level for me. His story was so wholly unique, his voice – familiar from TV but intimate in my ear – so rife with humor and emotion, that I was loathe to ever have to stop listening. "

Abby W.

Audible Editor


By: Peter Clines
Narrated by: Ray Porter
"14 provided my aha moment – that an audiobook could not only be a great book in the traditional sense, but an amazing immersive performance that can rival the best TV & movies."

Sam P.

Audible Editor

Under the Banner of Heaven

By: Jon Krakauer
Narrated by: Scott Brick
"I started listening one day on the train home from work, and continued listening through grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning that same day. When I realized how much of the book I had gotten through, and how many chores I had completed simultaneously, I knew I was hooked."

Laura M.

Audible Editor

Their words, their voices

This Book Has Balls

By: Michael Rapaport
Narrated by: Michael Rapaport
"This listen is a perfect representation of how an audiobook can feel more like an audio experience."

Kyle Souza

Audible Editor

On Writing

By: Stephen King
Narrated by: Stephen King
"As soon as I pressed play, rock-and-roll began blasting through my headphones and THE Stephen King began speaking to me. I was hooked."


Audible Editor

The Art of Asking

By: Amanda Palmer, Brené Brown (foreword)
Narrated by: Amanda Palmer
"I started listening to it shortly after starting my first job in corporate America and the content proved incredibly useful. It’s one thing for someone to tell you "hey, you should ask for more," and another to feel the urgency and emotion behind the need to ask for what you deserve, which is precisely what Mrs. Palmer delivers. "

Michael D.

Audible Editor