Sci-Fi Winner: Artemis

Andy Weir’s highly anticipated new novel is a high-stakes sci-fi thriller that takes place in Artemis, the lone city on the Moon. The story follows Jazz Bashara—26, perpetually broke, and scraping by as a porter… when she’s not making a few illicit bucks smuggling goods onto the Moon. Lured in by the promise of fortune, Jazz finds herself in over her head as she is drawn into a scheme that goes much deeper than she could have anticipated. This novel is filled with plenty of the techy detail and sardonic humor that made The Martian so unique—Weir makes you feel the claustrophobia of a cramped city on the moon with finite levels of oxygen, and Jazz could go head-to-head in a battle of cracking wise with Mark Watney any day—but the story stands on its own two legs. The best part: Rosario Dawson is perfectly cast as the feisty heroine; her performance is lively, witty, and animated, and she clearly brings her experience as an actress who has portrayed so many roles in the sci-fi, fantasy, and action genres. —Sam, Audible Editor