Glorious Reboots Winner: The Handmaid's Tale: Special Edition

As a teen in the ‘80s, The Handmaid’s Tale struck a chord in me. It was slightly subversive, bold, and something I hid from my parents, but at least it would never be real. I just assumed that we had learned the lessons taught in this cautionary tale and it would remain firmly in the make-believe. Move ahead to five years ago when I first listened to the then-new recording narrated by Claire Danes. This time it hit me in a whole new way. In 2012, I talked about how The Handmaid’s Tale is a book to revisit every few years–with age and time and an ever-changing world, its relevance remains disturbingly strong. And now, in 2017, I can double down on that assertion. It’s just not that far a stretch to go from “reality” to the book’s fictional dystopian Gilead. Author Margaret Atwood has written added scenes (exclusive to this audiobook) where we get to hear more of what the world is like years after the original story leaves off, making this an all-the-more essential listen for 2017. —Tricia, Audible Editor