Mysteries & Thrillers Winner: Behind Her Eyes

Our team debated long and hard about this one. Mysteries & Thrillers is one of our most popular categories among Audible listeners, so we knew we had to get this right. But Sarah Pinborough's debut adult psychological thriller was the book that we kept coming back to—the one that just completely stuck with each of the many members of our team who listened to it. We whispered about it, we quietly discussed its intricacies, we were supremely careful not to give away the ending. We gasped in shocked horror and morose glee at said ending. The perfectly pitched multi-cast at once totally creeped us out and kept us glued to our app until we finished. One editor says she "hate-listened" to this book, which is code for she loved it so much her brain hurt afterward. Trust us, this is one not to be missed. —Emily, Audible Editor