Listener Favorites Winner: Oathbringer

When Oathbringer was released this fall, it had the most pre-orders of any audiobook in Audible’s history. Its narrators, Kate Reading and Michael Kramer, are among the most beloved narrator pairings in the audiobook universe. It was no surprise, then, that Oathbringer quickly rose to the top when we took to social media to ask our listeners to name their favorite listens of 2017. Hundreds of supporters chimed in with enthusiastic comments, which are echoed in the listener reviews at Audible: "This masterpiece brought out many emotions while listening: joy, sorrow, anger, and love," "Oathbringer is so good that I find it hard to apply the appropriate words to do it justice!" and "Brandon Sanderson is the greatest storyteller of our generation." It gives us lots of warm and fuzzy feelings to see that kind of love! —Rachel, Audible Editor