Fantasy Winner: Dawn of Wonder

Tim Gerard Reynolds may very well have been born to narrate fantasy stories, and of all the blockbusters he has narrated Dawn of Wonder might just be THE book he was born to perform. The dramatic tenor, slight rasp, and immaculate pacing of his delivery puts you in another place almost immediately. Thankfully that place is Thirna, an enchanting land that is dynamic and well-rounded, but never bogged down by any kind of awkward world-building on Jonathan Renshaw’s part. For that matter Renshaw’s characters are just as expertly crafted, and this is first and foremost a robust coming-of-age tale. Renshaw is a master of infusing his stories with just the right amount of description, paced in entertaining time with meaningful action that is never just a means to an end. In Dawn of Wonder his talents are on full display and Tim Gerard Reynolds gives them a striking frame.