Celebrity Memoir Winner: Born a Crime

The host of The Daily Show steps away from the headlines to tell his own incredible coming-of-age story, set during the final years and aftermath of apartheid-era South Africa. It's a story that begins with Noah's mother throwing him from a moving car to avoid a potentially fatal dispute with gangsters and follows the comedian's path to self-discovery amidst episodes both bittersweet and comical. Attuned to the power of language at a young age – as a means of acceptance and influence in a country divided, then subdivided into groups at odds with one another – Noah's raw, personal journey becomes something extraordinary in audio. His chameleon-like ability to mimic accents and dialects, to shift effortlessly between languages including English, Xhosa, and Zulu, and to embody characters throughout his past are all on display. The result is a stunning memoir, filled with humor and heart.