APRIL 2018

Editors Select

The books we're most excited about this month.
Just like you, we Editors at Audible have books each month that we just can't wait to get our hands on. Whether it's a favorite author, genre, or narrator, there are some books we'll drop everything to start listening to. Here are the books that have caught our attention the most this month.

Another Scalzi "Choose your own narrator"

A few years ago, John Scalzi got halfway through a contemporary sci-fi he was writing when he realized he hadn’t yet committed to the gender of the protagonist. So he decided to just go with it . . . he wrote the book as if the detective in his alternate reality could be any gender. And it worked! Lock In was a great story, both a procedural and a fully developed alternate reality. Here at Audible, we decided to cast the book with both a male narrator and a female narrator. Our listeners loved both versions, but, more importantly, they (and we) still talk about how the story changed—or didn’t—in the voice of Wil Wheaton vs. Amber Benson. (Full disclosure: I prefer the ever-youthful, sardonic-but-sweet performance by Wil Wheaton . . . by a whisker.) Now that there’s a second book in the series, Head On, I have been wondering if would cast two narrators again, and, if so, the same two? The answer is YES! So I am officially, completely, and volubly excited for the upcoming publication of Head On—and you should be, too! —Christina, Audible Editor

Flashback to April 2017

    • A Novel
    • By: Omar El Akkad
    • Narrated by: Dion Graham
    • Length: 12 hrs and 22 mins
    • Release date: 04-04-17
    • 4 out of 5 stars 1,643 ratings
    • A frightening, palpable future
    • Omar El Akkad’s ambitious debut novel is set in a dystopian future America amid a second Civil War, following the Chestnut family—particularly young Sarat—as they seek refuge from the encroaching violence near their home in Louisiana. The country is torn apart at first by the divide over climate change and fossil fuels, and then by violence and plague. With cinematic description and imagery, El Akkad paints a bleak vision, made all the more horrifying by how palpable and timely it all seems. I was initially concerned this book would feel too "close to home" to be enjoyable—and yet I was utterly transfixed from the very start. I can easily see this novel becoming an important entry into the dystopian canon. Dion Graham’s performance is masterful as always. His smooth, measured delivery is welcome guide through this chaotic, dark story. —Sam, Audible Editor

      Omar El Akkad may be a debut author of fiction, but he is also an award-winning journalist who has traveled the world to cover many of the most important news stories of the last decade. And in his research, he's come across a few utterly riveting books about real-life events and people we should all get to know. Check out his picks.