Veronica Roth Ventures Into a New Space With 'Chosen Ones'
The author of the wildly popular Divergent series shares why tackling her first adult fantasy title meant doing the thing she loves — focusing on the writing — and fulfilling an audio dream. Read now
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Mark Manson Wants You to Remember that 'Love Is Not Enough'
The best-selling self-development author’s new listen is the cure for relationship woes in our shelter-in-place era. Read now
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Jen Gotch Bares All In ‘The Upside of Being Down’ Because She Wants You to Be Okay founder Jen Gotch's new memoir shares her journey through life with mental illness and shows how you can embrace a perspective that turns your struggle into a gift. Read now
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James McBride Takes Us to Church With 'Deacon King Kong'
The award-winning author of 'The Good Lord Bird' and 'The Color of Water' shares why his rollickingly fun new novel, ostensibly about a baffling shooting, is all about the power of community and church. Read now
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Erik Larson on How Winston Churchill Kept Calm in a Crisis
The blockbuster nonfiction author returns with an utterly gripping account of WWII-era family life and heroic leadership during one of history’s most anxious eras. Read now
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Hilary Mantel Reminds Us Who's The Boss As She Finishes The Wolf Hall Trilogy
The esteemed author shares how her latest novel, 'The Mirror and the Light,' completes her series on Thomas Cromwell and how actor Ben Miles evolved beyond stage portrayal to become a trusted collaborator. Read now
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Dave Hollis Wants To Help You 'Get Out Of Your Own Way'
His wife, self-dev superstar Rachel Hollis, may have been heading to the top of her field but a few years ago Dave Hollis was firmly a self-dev skeptic. What happened that made him a convert and led to his new book, 'How To Get Out Of Your Own Way'? Read now