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It's All About the Voice at Audible's In-House Studio Space
As we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Audible, we spotlight how integral our work with narrators is to the rich fabric of our audio world, and how our fabulous studios help make that clear. Read now
Arts & Culture
When Should Writers Narrate Their Own Work?
It's one thing to be a gifted author, it's quite another to give life to those words in a way listeners will love. How often can an "authorrator" do both? Read now
10 Memoirs That Lifted Me Out Of Anxiety
In the midst of a three-month-long panic attack, I needed friends. Funny, wise, interesting friends who had been through some stuff. Here's where I found them. Read now
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Escape From Our Echo Chambers Starts With Listening Greatness
Instead of seeing the people outside of our bubbles filtered through polarizing narratives, how can we learn to understand their perspectives and hear them — in their own voices? Read now
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Rewriting The Rules: Marriage, Maternity, And Memoir With Ariel Levy
New Yorker staff writer Ariel Levy reveals her most intimate experiences using thoughtful prose and candid self-reflection in her new memoir 'The Rules Do Not Apply.' Hear our conversation with the author and enthusiastic narrator newbie. Read now
List: This Is What A (Doctor, Scientist, Athlete, Mother, etc.) Looks Like
Books by and about some of the world's most inspiring women, in a range of occupations from athlete to soldier to mother to president. They're introduced by Audible's own Christina Harcar, who leads our peer-mentoring group Women@Audible. Read now
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A Tribute For A Life, And A Book, Cut Short
Audible created the Christopher Doheny Award, which honors unpublished writers who brave the subject of serious illness. Read now