Listens for Raising an Antiracist
It’s not enough to just be an ally yourself. You need to make sure that you’re doing the work to raise anti-racists, too. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are some listens that can act as conversation starters for the youngest members of your family. Read now
Arts & Culture
Contemporary Stories From Black Authors
A collection that reflects the variety and depth of the Black experience as portrayed by just a few of the best African-American storytellers of our time. Read now
Truth Through Comedy
For centuries now, Black Americans have had to deal with depths of injustice and pain that are unimaginable to others who have not lived through it. But the beautiful thing about being an artist is the ability to tell your truth through your work. Here are some Black artists, writers, and comedians who have used their platforms through film, television, writing, and stand-up to tell stories about their lives and managed to even find the humor in the hard parts. Read now
Poetry of Black Resistance and Reflection
It's easy to feel overwhelmed when confronting the pain and trauma caused by racism. Poetry is here to help. Read now
Arts & Culture
The History of Institutional Oppression
While the stark facts can be brutal, these listens about economic and racial injustice often combine passionate storytelling with stellar performances. Read now
Brit Bennett's 'The Vanishing Half' Tackles Race, Colorism, and Identity
Author Brit Bennett follows up her highly successful debut 'The Mothers' with a nuanced contemporary take on the concept of a Black person passing as white in 'The Vanishing Half,' as twin sisters take two different paths. Read now
Arts & Culture
"Be Fri"
When Nikki Levy finally owned her sexuality, she noticed other things about herself that she had kept hidden for fear of seeming awkward or weird. Sharing her secrets helped set her free. Read now