André Aciman Asks: What Lies Beyond Love?
Much like André Aciman's internationally bestselling novel 'Call Me by Your Name,' his Audible Original novella, 'The Gentleman from Peru,' is a celebration of love in all its complicated glory, from this lifetime into the next. Read now
Arts & Culture
Dipping My Toe Into the Body Positivity Waters
Audible Editor Courtney asks: Is body positivity a realistic goal right now? Some low-pressure self-development listens are helping her find her way. Read now
'So Help Me Gosh,' You'll Laugh Until You Sigh
Brooke Barker, the creator of 'Sad Animal Facts,' finds the sad-funny truths in growing up Mormon and converting to Judaism. Read now
Our Editors Reveal: The Listen that Changed My Life
Welcome to "Our Editors Reveal," a series where the Audible editors spill all our listening-related secrets. In this edition, we reveal the listens that changed our lives: from fiction that left an impression to influential self dev. Read now
Dan Rather Tells 'Stories of a Lifetime'
Peabody award winner and former CBS News anchor Dan Rather shares the decisive moments of his life, love, and career in his deeply personal staged performance. Read now
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Voices of Audible: Parenting in Quarantine
Audible staff around the world share the listens that are keeping our kids entertained and helping us cope. Read now
There Are No Rules in 'Sigh, Gone'
From his love of punk rock and classic literature, to being both a Latin teacher and a tattooer, Phuc Tran is intersectionality personified. His irreverent, no-holds-barred, messy (his word) debut memoir breaks the mold on the Vietnamese immigrant story. Read now