9 Listens That Will Make You Appreciate the Power of Appreciation
“Gratitude journaling” is one of those things you hear a lot about, but may think is A) not worth the time, B) oversold, or C) both. I’m here to tell you that it’s times like these, when so much is uncertain and unstable, that establishing a gratitude practice (inside or outside of a journal) can change your perspective on everything. But don’t take my word for it—here are 9 listens that will make you appreciate the power of appreciation. Read now
The Best Lesbian Listens by Queer Authors
Get to know lesbian literature’s past and present with these essential listens from the LGBTQIA+ canon. Read now
The Best LGBTQIA+ Listens by Queer Authors
We scoured the big and beautiful LGBTQIA+ canon to present some of our favorite queer-focused listens of all time. Read now
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Haiti and the Dominican Republic: One Island, Two Nations, So Many Stories
Two Audible employees, Edwin De La Cruz and Ruth Neely — one from the Dominican Republic and the other from Haiti, share how two recent audiobook listens evoked their beautifully complicated memories of their Caribbean homelands. Read now
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A Golden Island Listen that Transported Me Home
How one very resonant novel sparked an editor’s return to her native Caribbean land after a 26-year absence. Read now
An Antiracism Listening List
The fight for racial justice is up to all of us. If you’re not sure where to start, these listening recommendations can help. Read now
Mitch Albom Gives the Pandemic a 'Human Touch'
The bestselling author found a way to use his special skills to help some of those most affected by COVID-19. His 8-week-long serialized story homes in on the thing we're all missing right now: human contact and connection. Read now