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I’m sure by now you're pondering why should I listen to this person? Who is S. A. Grant? My core background began with the love for graffiti in Brooklyn in the 90s. From there, I became a Graphic Designer and then transitioned to a Web Designer and multimedia expert in the early 2000’s. Next I found a love for video and audio while working as an IT professional at a local art college. For the next few years I hopped from job to job searching for fulfillment all the while, gathering experience and holding titles ranging from Web Designer, Creative Director, and IT Director to name a few. My desire to become an entrepreneur has always been in the back of my mind. Like most of you who are currently searching for answers, I started trying a multitude of things. I converted my freelance graphic design and web design business into a corporation, Serebral360.com. Then I went after getting clients that needed various branding, marketing, web development, and consulting services. Still on the hunt for more, I jumped into multi-level marketing, dove into the financial space, got a Life Insurance license, Property and Casualty license, and a Series 6 license. I started building financial teams from New York to Atlanta and every state in-between. Then my crazy @$$ back flipped into Travel and became a Travel Agent. Oh yeah, I also became a first-time author. I laugh out loud when I look back at it, I was collecting accomplishments like kids collecting new social media accounts. I did all of this at the same time while being a full-time single dad. Over the years our routine became, wake up, drag my son and myself out of bed (note it's still hard waking him up everyday and he is currently a teenager). I would then get my son ready, drop him off at school, work on my businesses, go to client meetings, put out fires until I picked him up. Then I would take him to after school sports or activities, and depending on the year, coached his basketball team, flag football team, became the cub scout assistant den leader, PTA president, and the Creative Director of the school's foundation. Add to this, a few late evening conference calls, evening meetings, get him home in time for bed, cook dinner, dream up new ideas and get started on the action plans for more licenses. Finally, I would tuck him in bed, read articles online, and take action on what I just learned. Step and repeat, step and repeat until all the long hours, stress, and genetics caught up to me on October 14, 2018. This was the day I suffered a stroke and I officially have a stent in my head to prove it. Even though my superman complex and genetics had gotten me into health troubles to begin with, I still will not claim I’m an overachiever. Understand I'm letting you into my world so you get a clear picture that no matter what you are going through, there is a light at the end of every tunnel. I knew I had to become UNCAGED to make a full recovery. Driven by 100% determination and mental toughness, I made it a reality one day at a time by applying layers of systems to get the work done. Systems that I will reveal throughout the on coming book series in order to help you BECOME AN UNCAGED TRAILBLAZER. It started with helping to guide entrepreneurs and business owners in the right direction. I'm here to tell you once you step into something and complete what you start, all other actions become realizable. Now I'm dedicated to writing 56+ books to help the entrepreneur get a grasp of the requirements for SUCCESS. I’m not saying all of this to impress you or make you fearful of the journey ahead. I'm stating how parts of any story can be relatable, inspiring, and absolutely unbelievable and only you can create and deliver your story as you want it to be told! SUCCESS will come to you if you hunt it down and I am grateful that you have made it this far. Your awakening may be found in the pages of this book much like the point I discovered Rich Dad Poor Dad's money quadren. This epiphany smacked me dead in the face. A book that gave me the “Oh $hit” realization that I was on the wrong path. I wasn’t a business owner or an investor, but I owned my job and was self-employed. So I went into overdrive and started self educating on everything that was associated with renewable revenue, passive income, and investments. "I WOULD RATHER EARN 1% OFF A 100 PEOPLE'S EFFORTS THAN 100% OF MY OWN EFFORTS." -John D. Rockefeller The way I look at it I survived the stroke to spread my lessons learned. I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to REACH ONE TEACH ONE.
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