Ramona Fransson

Ramona Fransson

The 19th of February 2019!

Good day to all of you!

So sorry that I didn´t wrote for a long time. But I have had a lot of struggle and succesfully got me a literary agent! And he sold all my crime novels to a very big publisher in Polen Warzaw.
So I am a very happy author!
Maybe this will open doors to other countries to translate my books! I cross my fingers!

And when the first crime novel is ready in Polish and out I will put it on this website so you know how it looks.

I wish you all a lovely February! ♥ ♥ ♥

Ramona Fransson

Good day to you all!

Long time no see! But here I am today on the 23 June 2018!

I have created a new blogg site because I forgot the name on the one I did create years ago. And then I found the old blogg as well.

Here is the new blogg and inside you find the old one as well!


I hope that a million readers will find my books! That would be fun!

I wish you all a great Summer and a lot of good laughs!

Best regards


Göteborg den 4 april 2017

God morgon!

Alla mina böcker finns också på svenska och som ljudböcker, Mp3 fil.
Verklighetsbaserade deckare med spaningschef Greger Thulin som bor i Skärhamn på Tjörn.

Ha det gott!

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2017!

I have written some words on my blog for you and also put a picture.

So if you go to my blog


Yours sincerely

Ramona Fransson

Gothenburg the 30th of May 2016

Hi you Audio books lovers

Now they are out to buy and listen to! Judith Bourque is the speaker of the books. Lovely voice!


So feel free and don´t forget to give stars how you felt about them, important!


Ramona Fransson

Gothenburg the 18th of January 2016

Hallo you book lovers and Audio book lovers!

Soon, very soon my first Crime Novels with DCI Greger Thulin are availably for you who loves to listen. All my Crime Novels are based on true stories but I have changed places and names because I don´t want the people who had the bad experiences to recognise themselves or any body else. The reader of the Audio books are Judith Bourque who also translated them from Swedish to American - English.

I have made a Facebook site for you and the name is: Swedish Crime Author Ramona Fransson. You are welcome to visit the site and ask questions about the books.

Ramona Fransson

Gothenburg the 8 of April 2015


Good news for me and for all of you who like to read my Crime Novels, the third is on its way! The same translator, wish I am proud of, she is good! We work very good together, and that´s important to me! So I hope that all of you are as happy as I am! ♫♪♫♪♫

Best regards

Ramona Fransson

Gothenburg the 20 Mars 2015


Time goes quickly and I have now written my ninth Crime Novel. Sorry to say that the publish company haven´t find someone to translate more than the two Crime Novels that you already read. I hope! ♫♪♫

But we will not give in and probably happens something good this year!


Gothenburg 19 December 2014

I will wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy new 2015 Year!



Gothenburg the 10th of December 2014


I have to put out some picture from a Winter some years ago from were we live. On the Island Tjörn on the Westcoust in Sweden near Gothenburg. Are they not lovely?

Kind regards


Updating 2014-11-23

A big "THANK YOU" to all of around the world who reads my crime novels. And I am honoured that so many in India have discovered my books! I wonder why I think about the word Bollywood? ♫♪♫♪♫



So ... you seem to like my crime novels! That makes me very happy! And I hope that it wan´t take to long before the 3thrd title is presented at Amazon! ♫♪♫♪

Have a good reading!

Ramona Fransson

I have got some reviews, some good and some bad ... normal. But I would like to say this:

Yes strange people, who many maybe not even met or think believe, are existing. Strange isn't 'it? :) Who would have believed that a monster like Josef Fritzl would exist? I think some of you who reads my Crime Novels perhaps didn't have so much experience about life in different environment then your own. But believe me when I say that there has been and still are very, very strange people around us. And sometimes we should be happy that we don´t meet them in real life ... only in books.

Best regards
Ramona Fransson author

So now we have celebrated the Beautiful Midsommar. The high Point in summer in Sweden. And here on the west coast was it for once in ten years sunshine and no rain. Fantastic! I put out a Picture of how it can look like.

Have a nice weekend! ♫♪♫♪


Updating 2014-06-15

Thank you so much!

You really make my life to be so good! I have meat some of the tourist's from England, New Zeeland, Australia and US from the MS Marina who came to Lysekil, a small community on the Vest Coast of Sweden. The were so nice and friendly. And my Swedish Crime Novels, so far two of nine and the third is moving on, are selling like a rocket at Amazon all thanks to you readers. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you so much! ♫♪♫♪♫♪ I put a picture from the MS Marina on the right side so you can see it.


Updating 2014-05-31

Dear readers!♫♪♫♪

Now you can by my crimi novels "Precious Love" or "Murder in Skarhamn" in paper book. CreateSpace are fantastic! Lovely Support Team! And do you know what? Soon my third crime novel are going to be translated! YES!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Best regards
Ramona Fransson

Hi all my dear readers!

Today I got the two Crime Novels Precious Love and Murder in Skarhamn in paper books to me in Sweden, and they are so nice! So hopefully are they soon availably on Amazon. I took a picture and you can see it on the right side.

Best regards
Ramona Fransson

Hi dear readers!

Yesterday I sat down by my computer and hope that both my books, Precious Love and Murder in Skarhamn soon will be availably as paper books. So if you rather won´t a paper book then an e-book, keep your eyes open and search for them in my name.

I long for the summer. We got springtime, but the evenings and nights are cold. The sun is warming us up during the daytime, but I am very keen to walk out in the night. And here in Sweden, Gothenburg, the sun doesn´t go down until eleven a ´clock in the evening. It´s wonderful!
Wish you all a great and wonderful summer with a lot of reading! ♫♪♫ ♥ ♥ ♥



Isn't wonderful whit springtime? I love it! And so does my Publishing company who edit my books. Now they lower the price on both of my translated Swedish crime novel books Precious Love and Murder in Skarhamn! Take the chance and tell all your friends about it! That is if you liked them! ♥

Hi out there! If you are interested to make movies from my books just contact my because I don´t have an agent! So it will be much cheaper to make business and it is a win win situation. I have written eight Crime Novels and they are popular in Sweden. So don't hesitate!

Best regards
Ramona Fransson

YEA! Now I succeeded! Now you can watch my first video and that´s me and my husband and our lovely dog Lina. Every year the last seven years we are at the Book Fair in Gothenburg. ♫♪♫♪ During that time Lina has to go to what I call " The Hilton Hotel for Dogs". She has to be there eight days. And this video shows when we came and fetched here back to us. Isn´t she just adorable? ♫♪♫

♥ ♥ ♥

Hello all English reader booklovers! And especial Swedish crime novel lovers! Welcome to my site!

You are not as eager as the English to read my Swedish Crime Novels. I wonder why? Don´t you like to read about other countries the US? There are other countries then US if you didn't know that! :)

So I have created a new website in English. Welcome to visit and complain or give me credit for what I write!


Now you can look at the cover picture to the next book in English. I hope you like it as much as I do. My publisher think´s it will be ready in November.

If you put the code below in your web reader, you can look at en interview with me, but it is in Swedish! Three minutes, no more!


I got my first review from a Belgian reader. Thanks'!

And for they who don´t know that the translator Judith Bourque is from US, you know now! :)

Now my Publisher has agreed to translate more of my crime novels. This time the Swedish title is "Mord i Skärhamn". ( Murder in Skärhamn) As soon that I know the English title I will tell you about it here! Oh, I am so locking forward to the next in the series. Chief inspector Greger Thulin, forensic Charlotte Engman and now also inspector Katarina Linde. Exiting!

I will tell you a little about my self and why I became an author. I was born in Sweden 1956, and both my parents fled from different countries' after World War II, and became refugees in Sweden. My father, born 1916 in Warsaw, who was Jewish, fled from Polen, and my mother born 1933, who were raised catholic, fled from Rostock Germany 1954, because she was in the Russian Zone. They met each other in Borås, a very small town in Sweden. My father fled to Sweden on false papers and arrived 1947.

I have not met my grandparents from my fathers side, they were murdered in Auschwitz 1942.

My fahter suffered from the war but in those days nobody ever heard about the disease PTSD, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posttraumatic_stress_disorder
wich made our familys life a living hell! About them and my familys hole story I have written a autobiography with the title : Ändhållplats Sverige. And if I would translate it for you it would sound: Terminus Sweden. They are both dead. My father died of a heart attack 1979,and my mother from cancer 2011, and I miss her so much. ♥

So why did I start to write books? I didn´t dreamed about it as I know many does. It happened in the beginning of 1990, when me and my husband wanted children. I didn´t got pregnant. I fellt very bad about it. And I searched for a book who would tell my about my feelings, and what to do with them, I couldn´t find such a book. There were lot of books who told me how to get pregnant, and that I already knew. So my husband sad: Write it yourself!

So I did. In Swedish: Älskling, vi blir inte med barn, and translated: Honey, we can´t get a baby! Neither of these books are translated in english. Not yet! But if there are enough people who starts to read my first translated book "Precious Love" then the publishing company will translate all of my nine books that I have written so far.

My relatives in US are my second cousin: Joel Dancyger, living in NY. My aunt from my fathers side: Jadwiga or Jadzia, she married a US Marin Kapten and moved to Cleveland Ohio Seattle 1945, and I met her once in Sweden, Borås, and she was lovely. Her childrens name are: Jimmy, Paulette and Lita, and I also have pictures of them in my book Ändhållplats Sverige. I have never met them, but it would be fantastic if I would. My aunt didn´t tell her new family that she was jewish, she was to afraid.

So it is up to you dear reader! By my book, spread the word ( if you like what you read) and then the other books will follow...

I am on FB if you want to ask me something moore!

Ps. THe man with the hat was my father, the tree children are Paulette, Jimmy and Lita, and the women in the hat was my mother.Ds.

Best regards

Ramona Fransson

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