P.L. Hosek is best known for her tragicomic memoir "Is there a Heaven?"

"Is there a Heaven?" is a true story of the trials and tribulations that everyone must overcome in life. This story shows that there is indeed a Heaven and that we are here for a specific reason, even though we might not know what it may be. There are not any choices that we cannot make in life, when we are left alone to make them. In life you can overcome anything, and strive to endure even when you are faced with the hardest times imaginable, knowing that there is indeed a Heaven. "Is there a Heaven?" This is a question that we all ask of ourselves at one time or another!

"Be Positive - Beatitudes" In Christianity, the beatitudes are a set of teachings by Jesus. The teachings are expressed as eight blessings in the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew. The beatitudes consist of two phrases, the condition and the result. The beatitudes present a new set of Christian ideals that focus on LOVE and HUMILITY, which are the highest ideals of the teachings of Jesus on Mercy, Spirituality, and Compassion.

By living life according to the "Beatitudes" you will "Be Positive" in knowing that you are living your life to the fullest. Your outlook on life will not only improve, but you will also be able to handle difficult, painful, and stressful situations with ease thanks to your newly-found A+ attitude. In today's dire times, it is easy for you to walk a distant path filled with sorrow, but wait, pause, and reflect.

Remember, the Beatitudes are the only way to live life through Jesus' teachings. By following this trouble-free path, you can find true happiness, be blessed by Jesus, and help to create a world that embodies love and peace.

"Diabolical Devise - Vatican's Infiltration" If you yearn for the TRUTH, Diabolical Devise will tantalize your senses by luring you into a small-town diner. While there, you will meet two ordinary waitresses that happen upon an ultimate evil that will change their lives forever. Together they embark upon a heart-pounding, palm-sweating, knee-shaking venture, while struggling with unforeseen dark abysmal truths that are yet to be discovered. If you dare to join them, your pulse will race with excitement while longing for the rollercoaster of storylines to delve into the depths of the ultimate truth! Diabolical Devise will take you on a journey where suspense is intertwined with tumultuous turbulence!

"Dredwood High" - In the sleepy town of Dredwood, lies Dredwood High. This is where four high school students embark upon a journey that intertwines friendship, laughter, romance and unforeseen obscure twists of fate. Senior year at Dredwood draws to a close and a celebratory party is planned at the forbidden Dredwood Cliff. Smoke billows from a bonfire, ignited by a cross, that ultimately triggers a chain of events. In a smoke-filled barn, their fantasies and aspirations catastrophically change into opaque silhouettes of dreaded doom!

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