J Mark Sublette

J Mark Sublette

Dr. Mark Sublette, born in a small town in eastern New Mexico, grew up purchasing Indian art the way some kids collect baseball cards. He doesn't have to think for longer than a heartbeat what fueled his passion for Native American art. "The people. I always used to go to Santa Fe, up into the square and the pueblos to buy from the artists. That's what really gave me the love for it, being around and seeing how things are done". Sublette's parents, both retired research scientists, were collectors as well and they encouraged his interest. Mark went to medical school in Missouri only to return home to buy Indian art because he was homesick for it. After a four-year hitch as a Navy Doctor working with the Marine Corps, during which he ran a sports medicine clinic, he came to the University of Arizona to finish his residency. When an opportunity came to work with professional athletes like the Phoenix Suns, he made the choice to instead pursue his passion for Indian art Mark retains his medical license but the gallery leaves no time to practice medicine. Since the original Tucson Gallery opened, it has expanded from under 2000 sq. ft to over 12,000 sq. ft, featuring a museum and outdoor sculpture garden. A second location in Santa Fe has joined Medicine Man Gallery located at 602A Canyon Road. The gallery has grown in content as well as space. Once known only for antique and Native American art, it now houses the finest in Early American & Western paintings. Along the way Mark has made the life work of western illustrator and artist Maynard Dixon a specialty. One room in the gallery is dedicated to works by Dixon. Maynard Dixon's son John has generously loaned photographs, poetry and books from his private collection. He also collects works of the Taos Society of Artists. Contemporary Fine art & sculpture have also been added. The works of over 30 well-known contemporary artist and sculptors are represented. Works range from the ethereal realism of Peter Nisbet paintings to the western sculpture and paintings of the Cowboy Artists of America. Mark's involvement in the arts is all encompassing. He buys, sells and researches. A constant student of the many areas he delves into, he is happy to pass along the knowledge, the delight in sharing his passion is evident as he speaks. 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