Frances Laskowski

Frances Laskowski

First and foremost...I love CreatSpace and Amazon without Amazon none of my writing would have come together.

My first published book "A Farm In Transylvania" a short fiction book about Vampires and Werewolves, with a surprise ending that even I was wondering what was going to happen as I wrote. I had written "a Farm In Transylvania" after a trip to Germany to see where my Grandparents had lived. I was influenced by the scenery, and the story popped into my head, the story takes place in Transylvania.

A trip to Louisiana fifteen years ago gave me inspiration for the book "Balloon Man"
I would look down over the guardrail of route 10 at the swamp and think about how many bodies were probably dumped down there.
(I am a fan of murder and detective books)

When I returned home, I wrote the outline for "Balloon man" then I wrote nothing for five years.
I took a second trip to New Orleans, and I came back and wrote a paragraph a night for about a year. I only had half the story. I dabbled with some short stories but I could not push through Balloon Man.

In 2014, I joined NaNoWriMo. I was inspired to finish my stories during the November writing event.
It is the writer's equivalent of the playoffs. A wonderful writing event, as all of us NaNoWriMo fans, made that commitment to write 50,000 words during November, ( the busiest month of the year.)
The support and constant cheering to help one get moving was the unlock that I needed to finish writing my novels.

Finally, I conquered several of my biggest challenges, Getting motivated, dedicating myself to my project, staying productive, and consistent.

I finished balloon man (at that time it had a different title, and it was a different story. I actually wrote a whole new book with the exception of two chapters) is a golden site for me. I was able to learn what is involved with formatting and publishing and it was free.

This does not mean it was means you do all the work. So I did. And I really learned a lot. provided the free tools I needed to help me self-publish and distribute my books. The site works with and other channels.

About Frances I Laskowski, she is The daughter of a US military man and a German mother, the family moved to New Jersey in 1961.
As a fan of Stephan King, and good old Alfred Hitchcock, Frances started out writing short fiction stories and novels followed shortly after.

Books include: Balloon Man, A Farm In Transylvania, and What We Know.
All are for sale on in Kindle and Paperback. Ballon Man will be on ACX soon.

About The Author

My books are any genre that leads to an interesting book to write. I do have an affinity for Horror and Science Fiction, I grew up reading as much Alfred Hitchcock as I could Arthur C. Clark and Stephan King.
I also had a little-known Author favorite: Carlton Carpenter :1971 "Cats Got Your Tongue" This was the one that hooked me into loving horror books. So that is where it really began. Before Carlton Carpenter, I read and watched, after him, I started to write short stories for myself.

I have published three fiction books, and I am working on two non-fiction. One self-help, and one book that looks at some of the aging issues in our culture. I also am going to write a children's book.

I began writing many years ago for fun, I wrote in my spare time, between kids and work. I finally was able to devote more time to my writing (I had so many books in my head) I am a NaNoWriMo winner two years in a row, member since 2014, I believe this is a powerful site for anyone who wants to write a book. The support from NaNoWriMo is tremendous.

I finished my first novel "Balloon Man" and published through CreateSpace. I find If I just keep writing what I feel, I never stop running out of stories, so hence, I just write! I have taken classes, and courses throughout my life, and I always dreamed of obtaining my MFA degree, financially I was stuck when I was studying, so I am still working at this goal, and I hope to complete it someday.
education is a priceless, valuable commodity. I still take as many writing courses as my budget will allow.

I believe writing comes from the heart, and if you feel it, you can write it. I try to pull my characters out of people I have met, or places I have been, I then research to paint the best picture for the reader. My style is whatever works for the story, most importantly putting the work into logical chapters so the story flows well. Head jumping always needs fine tuned, but it gives me the most excitement as a I like to write that way too sometimes.

I am now reading a book called: Analysis and Critique, How to Engage and Write about Anything. By: Professor Dorsey Armstrong, from Purdue University.
It is part of The Great Courses number 2133 The Teaching Company.

I am learning how to make my audiences time really count. If an audience only has the time or inclination to read one piece of my writing, I have to make that one time really count.

What We Know- Short story; After an accident leaves Scott in a wheelchair with amnesia, he has nothing but time to try to remember his past. Sometimes remembering is not the answer.

A Farm In Transylvania-Short story; Sarah seeks to find her family roots, she winds up in Transylvania where talk of Vampires and Werewolves leads to an unlikely conclusion to her parents past.

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