Dr. Fuller

Dr. Fuller

Dr. Fuller is a top psychiatrist board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and is a fellow of the elite American College of Psychiatrists. His most prized skill is psychotherapy.

Dr. Fuller uses a blend of time-tested psychotherapy, self-hypnosis, medical science and karate training tools. This layering of concepts is a powerful force for the reader. Dr. Fuller's most highly valued skill is helping others become better -- to function at their absolute highest level. Direct and indirect therapeutic suggestions form the backbone of his communications. His advanced techniques work for the benefit and welfare of each reader.

He retired as a blackbelt karate instructor, high school coach and science teacher on entering medical school. A. Kenneth Fuller, M.D. received his Medical Degree in 1982 from the Medical College of Georgia (MCG). Dr. Fuller completed his psychiatric residency at the University of Florida in 1986. Now he is a Clinical Associate Professor of psychiatry at MCG.

Dr. Fuller was selected the 2012 Outstanding Clinical Faculty Member for the Department of Psychiatry and Health Behavior of the Medical College of Georgia. MCG awarded him the 2014 Exemplary Teaching Award.

Dr. Fuller's first novel is out. Read GOLF PSYCHIATRIST today. After medical school and psychiatric training, Dr. Fuller discovered that emotions dramatically affect golf performance.

Psychiatry and golf became linked when the young psychiatrist saw an accomplished golfer choke over a six-foot putt on the last hole of an important golf tournament. The reasons for this "choke" and how to prevent anxiety-induced missed hits intrigued the practicing psychotherapist and fueled his passion for playing golf.

Through the years of playing golf with three friends, Kenny developed an understanding of how the mental aspects of golf affect the level of play and consequently the enjoyment of both recreational and professional golfers.

His ideas resulted in the publication of the book, GOODBYE BOGEYS, a short, therapeutic book that helps golfers develop a confidence through therapeutic repetition. By linking the mind to the technique of golf the result is a more complete golfer.

When a business friend read GOODBYE BOGEYS, he suggested that the two collaborate on a novel about of confident, mental golf. appeal to golfers and non-golfers but are interested in how to improve confidence in facing all of life's challenges.

"Keep Your Eye on the Ball" is the advice given by a mushroom picking, philosophizing, alter ego who guides our golf psychiatrist through a virtual, eighteen-hole round of golf. Each hole represents a layer in building confident mental golf.

Each hole's theme is one of the layers that build's confidence and focus that strengthens and prepares our mind when solving the problems faced during a round of golf and our sometimes stressful and chaotic issues when trying to live a successful life.

The Layers That Build and Use Confidence

Avoiding Trouble
Finding Calmness
Tuning-Out Distractions
Forgetting the Past
Dealing with the Environment
Using Tension Positively
Recovering from Failure
Repeating Success
Feeling is Okay
Performing with Philia
Hoping is not a Strategy
Turning Impossible into Possible
Minding My Moments
Thriving on Chaos
Preparing to Win
Owning your success

Dr. Fuller presents a simple method to control panic and related anxiety in GOODBYE PANIC. This is the first book in Dr. Fuller's series of children's books for adults and kids.

This proven approach is available in three media. The paperback is a stabilizing tangible object to hold and read during an attack. The ebook can go with the reader everywhere -- a safety companion. Nick Sarando narrates the audiobook. His insightful performance presents five versions of GOODBYE PANIC.

Dr. Fuller coauthors with wife, Angie Fuller, the second book in the series, RECOVERY FROM SEXUAL HARASSMENT. These two psychotherapists, with expertise in sexual abuse and women's issues, present a method to assist in the recovery from sexual harassment.

GOODBYE BOGEYS: CONFIDENCE started the series of books of therapeutic suggestions for golfers. It highlights the swing of a pro golfer, while focusing on the mental "concentration" zone beneficial to golfers.

The Fullers recommend reading or listening to each book 28 times in 28 days. That's right -- 28 in 28.

Seeing or hearing the content repeatedly is powerful and assures that the mind absorbs the therapeutic message. In the authors' experience, ten repetitions consolidate new truths into useable memory. Whereas, incorporating a new role and owning that new identity requires twenty-eight (28) performances.

Dr. Fuller explains:
"I write weird, in steps and stutters, like a therapist talks. A seventh grader might recognize my unreliable language usage, awkward comma splices, bizarre capitalization patterns, choppy paragraphs, lack of transitions, odd reasoning, or the overly forced first-person narrative. I place each language error for a particular therapeutic effect.

"I admit my unreliable narration confuses the reader. When a patient or reader is confused, even momentarily, the mind sucks in the first sensible bite of information it gets. This allows therapeutic suggestions to be accepted -- ready for use -- to become instinct.

"'Keep it short,' my therapy mentor preached, 'and use simple words like a first grader.' Over the years my style of therapy evolved to see his wisdom. I believe many distressed individuals cannot process mature prose or full paragraphs. So I now write, and talk, for all ages in short, simple, childlike 'mind bites'.

"Mind bites are ultra-short, memorable phrases directed into the subconscious. By avoiding conscious screening, the mind bite message registers instantly and becomes available for use. Seeing, hearing, reading 'mind bites' drives advice into the brain like 100 mph fastball into the catcher's mitt.

"My weird writing style mirrors the subtleties of my therapy. The best strategy, I believe, avoids the same old tired writing and teaching style that might frustrate seventh grade grammar students.

"Keep it short,
Hide therapy messages,
Use simple words,
Break grammar rules.
Have fun doing it."

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