Bill Ciccotti

Bill Ciccotti


Castle Kellenberg, book 2 of the Long Walk WWII combat series is now available in graphic audio. Combat with Baker Company. Those rogue Irish misfits are still on the road to Berlin and hunting the Nazi.

Reality Is Strange, the story of growing up in the 60s, narrated by Matthew Goldberg has been released in Audio. Matthew is a young up and coming voice in audio production who brings this book to life with his bright eyes kid's voice. We expect great things from Matt.

Don Bogotto's Greatest Tropical Hits, A Mob Tropical adventure with a slight touch of Key West lime, is in audio production by the master storyteller, Steve Costello. This guy can narrate a book like no other and he does it with that Sinatra style.

The Search For The Nuestra Lima, a tropical treasure hunt of danger and action has been released in audio. As well as a Navy SEAL book, Nothing Lasts Forever.

A young author, Colin Comerford and I collaborated a book together, That Works Out. Colin has some great ideas and story line for a teen action adventure. I wont spoil it, but gorillas, clowns and psychos play a big part in this wild adventure.

Key West Connection, the book has just been released. The Key West boys are back in trouble again. An audio production is being setup and hopefully by late summer an audio book will be finished.

More books are always in the works.
Keep reading my friends.

The Hobo Killers, a Tropical Hit book is now available in Audio. Its a Boat Drinks with the Mob action adventure (with a pinch of humor) story.

Look for more audio explosions in our movie of the mind cavalcade in the near future. Many more great books from CM Productions are also in developmental stages.

The Search For The Nuestra Lima, a treasure detective story book available now. It is also in audio production. We expect this to be a very cool trip indeed.

The Hundred Foot Bridge, a short story concerning a flawed human searching for one last shot at redemption. He must hold the hordes of darkness from crossing over to earth.And he must do it every night from dusk to dawn. The book is available in Kindle as well as Audio format now.

Montana Marshal has been released in paperback Audio and Kindle format.

The Beast Hunter, an occult horror thriller, Cuban Chickie Boom, the "true" story of our latest trip to Havana, Better With Age, a motorcycle action adventure, Good Day To Die, a western saga, To Russia Without Love and The Dead Never Sleep, a gripping WWII combat thriller are also available as movies of the mind audio books.
are in the final production audio stage.

We had a book signing at Ernest Hemingway's house in the outskirts of Havana. Cuba is a land locked deeply into the 1950s and she is beautiful. Her people are charming and vibrant. Get down there and taste the Latin beat. "Cuba Chickie Boom" is available now. After going to Cuba the author got a lot of good ideas for a new tropical adventure. OK, and a lot of great cigars, rum and a few new Cuban friends. Get down there me amigo and let the Latin rhythm flow.

Get ready to hear the craziness as it is for yourself. The Key West Redemption audio book is ready and available as a movie of the mind audio trip to Key West and beyond. Our fantastic narrator expresses the tropical vibe and excitement necessary to portray those quirky characters of "fiction" that explode from this story properly. Wait till you hear him do Elvis. Get ready for a tropical riot.

"To Russia Without Love" an international road trip of destruction has just been released. Bar fights can come back to haunt you. A simple altercation, OK one that got out way of hand a few years ago up at Niagara Falls started this whole damn fiasco. How were we supposed to know those clowns were the Ukrainian mob? Well they learned who we were and over the years its escalated into bombs and death threats. They blew up my boat. Tried to kill me. Blew up Ryan's house and tried to kill him too. They threatened our friends, all of our friends. Blew up Captain Morgan's boat, firebombed Bob-O's bar and said they weren't finished with any of us. Those bastards were never going away. But they made one bad mistake. They didn't kill Ryan and they didn't kill me. So now we were heading into the frozen tundra after them. And only one side was walking back out alive. You can sign that in blood. To Russia without Love.

"The Beast Hunter" a horror thriller full of tales of those who hold back the darkness.
Blood flows, rich and thick. Evil things, thirst for that crimson nectar. Malevolent things leave the shadow world in search of its golden taste. Mortal man is ill prepared to defend himself from the demon's insatiable hunger. It is that very hunger that the Beast Hunters protect us from. It is in those times that the Beast Hunters stab back.

"Better With Age" a motor-psycho action adventure came out as a summer surprise edition. When an old flame from high school suddenly showed up in Key West, she arrived with a problem. A big problem. Bikers, drug dealers and bad ass motorcycle gangs spelled out trouble in boldly printed capital letters. The Iron Horsemen were born losers who traveled the road of death. And the reaper, well he wore their colors. Those Key West misfits may have finally met their demise this time around. But then again, crazy beats insane. Sometimes, even the reaper picks the wrong side.

"Key West Reeling" is now available for summer beach reading.
That crazy gang of misfits are causing more trouble in Cuba and the Florida Keys. Bikers, drug dealers, pirates, muggers, thuggers and thieves, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Wild rides of danger and adventure await you along these pages. Oh yeah, and laughter, a lot of laughter. These are the tales, stories, and wild adventures of a band of misfit friends and rogues who have never grown up. They have carved out a place for themselves in the crazy world of Key West. And Florida has never been sane since then. Escapades, perils and absurdity run rampant and amuck throughout these pages.

"Good Day To Die" is a Western Dime Novel set in post Civil War Montana. Gunfights, savages, ranchers and outlaws fight tooth and nail. Buffalo hunters and dance hall girls struggle in an untamed world of natures beauty and perilous danger. Buckle on your six gun for a bumpy ride. Growing up we all wanted to be cowboys. Some of us did.

"The Dead Never Sleep" a WWII historical fiction book is a nonstop action thriller set in the Ardennes forests. It concerns a group of worn out GIs who slowed the Nazi war machine down in one of the forgotten side battles during the end of German Operation Mist. It's like Sargent Furry meets Kelly's Heroes. Unorthodox but effective. And very entertaining.

Two other WWII books are being completed, creating a WWII trilogy about Baker Company. Combat with the Irish Brigade in the thick of the Allied push for Berlin. Band of Brothers meet Sargent Fury. Undisciplined but effective.

A fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh Key West book has been signed up for and the story line for all four has been approved. I said the Key West Redemption series was going to be a pentagon but somehow, I still ended up with seven. Maybe I should call it "The Magnificent Seven". These books were calling out to me. Hell they were screaming. Look for Key West adventures to continue all over the tropics and beyond. Those clowns are creating tropical hurricanes of action and there's no stopping them now.

We at CM Productions make every attempt to deliver the highest quality product and will continue doing so. Thank you for your support. Look for many more Key West Adventures, World War II combat action, Tropical Mob stories and Western misadventures in the future. This twisted mind keeps churning them out. Thank you again. CM Productions.

"Reality Is Strange But Fiction Is Stranger", Is the true story of a young man growing up in a very small town during the 1960s. It's a humorous look at his many misadventures along his journey into manhood. The second half of this book is fictional short stories about zombies, monsters and adventure. The kind of strange things a kid of the 60s would dream up.

Bill's second book, "My Father's Son" is a very humorous look at the life of a typical suburban family in the 1960s and beyond.

"Key West Redemption", Bill's third book is a "fictional", sort of, account of some truly crazy adventures in paradise, that have gone just a touch wild for a gang of friends who just want to have a good time in life. Believe me, we always do. I mean, they do. It has been released in paperback and Hardcover. An audio book is also in the works.

"Key West Salvation" a Florida Best Seller, the second book of the Key West Pentagon, flows fast and freely. Kind of like a bunch of good pals grabbed a bucket of suds and some beach chairs, then headed down to the ocean to tell stories while watching the sunset." It's a tropical riot.

"Key West Extraction" is also available. That crazy cast of characters is still in action and causing a lot more trouble here in the Florida Keys. The new book is embellished truth but entirely fictitious. Still, to those wild characters, you all know who you are. And yes, I'm one of them.

"Tropical Hit" a boat drinks and wise guys book has just been released in Kindle and is also available in paperback. Crime stories with a twist of lime. Action and tropical sunsets. The first book of the "Tropical Hit Trilogy" series promises to be a book you cant refuse. Or put down. Available on Amazon today.

Are all these stories true? I'd be lying if I answered that question. But I've had a lifetime full of more than a few, strange adventures. The books are overflowing with fine memories and true friendships. Claw and fight every single day to taste life at its fullest. Dance on the clouds or lay in the gutter, the choice is yours. Me, I intend to keep following the music, even if it is to a different drummer.

Like Bob Marley once said, "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." So live. Always well, always full out. Feel life and if you get lucky, you just might feel the rain.

And remember to laugh all you can. Even if its at yourself. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, somebody else will. Now get to hell down here to Key West.

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