Ardeci Cardoso

Ardeci Cardoso

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Born in the state of Santa Catarina, South of Brazil, from a simple family. Ardeci Cardoso, at the age of eighteen has unanswered questions and noted that most of the people around him also have had, which were: Where did I come from? Who I am? And where am I going to? In 02/2017, I was in Brazil and I heard the call up of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, he’d like me to come to America, I said for sure, that I love America and American people, but I need your help for that, so another week I went to the America Embassy and I applied for a visa, but the visa was denied ... I asked Yeshua what should I do now? In the next days the Holy Spirit answered my prayer and advised me to go through Mexico and cross board to America. And he reminded me that I have promised dreams and the dreams will be fulfilled, in America. In 03/2017, I went to the travel agency and bought a flight to Mexico City as Brazilian Citizen. I don't need visa to enter in Mexico City, cool! So far, so good, till here was easy! But to cross the board I need someone to help me. In Mexico City I contact one guy or (coyote) to help me cross the border, and so I did. But cross board was not easy - It’s took one month of adventures. I got lost in the forest for fews days without food and water, and other days, I was chased by the police board! But with the help of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, I crossed the board and arrived in America. In 05/2017, I had my fried who has lived in Boston for 20 years, and I stayed at her house to start my own life. After my first year here, I felt very sick and I went to the Hospital, I was diagnosed with a chronic disease, I stayed in the hospital in charge for one month for treatment, but when I was in treatment, it was not easy. I got infected in my body throughout my spine, to the brain and the medication I took made me very sick because I'm allergic to it. I had taken the medication every 4 hour in small doses for one month. I just remember now in that time, I received visits from a young doctor, he was like an angel, every morning at 7am, he visited and I felt very good with peace like healing. He has always asked me what I’m doing in America? In that time my health was very badly with complication of the medication ... but I complained about that. I said, “I’m near to dead and this doctor just asked me what I am coming to do here!?” So days later I asking for the nurse the name of that young Doctor who visited every day at 7am, but the nurse said she has not registered or seen any Doctor that visited me every morning. Finally had the treatment done, and I was discharged from the hospital. But I kept that image of that doctor like angel in my mind!? So now I can see what he’s trying to remind me, for that promise I made to Yeshua/Jesus about my dream and I have to fulfilled. The promise of fulfilled the dreams, I felt this great blank in my existence. This time I was working in the Business Hospitality. One beautiful day after my job, I got home and asked myself what can I see my self doing for to rest of my life? What I’m enthusiastic about? I encircled myself with the books from the bible, I sat on the bed, I got ready to finally discover what I was pretending to do in my life. I got my tablet in one hand and a pencil in the other I set down questions, that I didn’t accept response to, but I saw what I was enthusiastic about. I only didn’t understand how to fulfill at that time. Every daytime behind action of the month on finish, I would do over this stag. But now I got ready to finally identify my promise dream. I pray Dear Yeshua: I want fulfilled my promise dreams. I’m move away to give to the folks to know that every one of them are unique by words of Yeshua. I’m going to give you a book what impact the existence of the folks. I know and I like to speak about the words of my Lord Yeshua/Jesus in a reasonable meaning. I like to be surrounded with folks who are acting with their spirit, body, and heart as one. Are you looking for me to enjoy you, what do you look like? Because I don’t know. Are you looking for me to speak to you with fellowship, I like to acting for? Because I don’t understand. I’II speak to church heads and praying to represent how to run a business. I’m running to use my mighty and positive prayers of the life purpose, so they grow up in the light and faith. I was bright on what I liked to fulfill with my life promise dream, I understand, trust and self-respect are much relevant. I knew was presume to fortification of the folks and support them realize how to be better to one another by the words of Jesus. Yeshua was on the cover of one biblical book. I ripped off the cover and put it on my room in a picture cade — Knowing one day I’d write one book with the name of Yeshua/Jesus Christ. But I hadn’t still begun learning, how I’d make there. I was writing daily pages of the manuscript for my future book. One Daylight, I wrote: Dear Holy Spirit: I accept a career as Author/Published. I deserve to serve my Lord Yeshua/Jesus. I am about love, faith, worship and acceptance. I welcome the opportunity to be sincerity to my genuine self. Thanks you for the gifts and lovely guiding me to my race move now. So that I can all be a fit for me and my promise dreams. Finally, I wrote the manuscript of (The Way to Pray with Words of Yeshua/Jesus Christ) it’s already to publishing and became an book. I learn from the my inner heart the words of Yeshua, with support of the Holy Spirit and I have chance to share from one to another, It’s my existence meaning to help them see, develop in the belief. My heart belongs to glow brighter on the gateways for the folks who like to listen the words of Yeshua/Jesus. Now my spirit and my promise dream were fulfilled. I like to enter in 2021 as an Author/published. Who can changes the lives of individuals thought the words of Yeshua /Jesus Christ.
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