Aer-ki Jyr

Aer-ki Jyr

Aer-ki Jyr is an Amazon Top 100 Scifi Author due to his independently published STAR FORCE universe, which continues to grow with multiple new books each year. Jyr also has a popular Stargate fanfiction series known as ROTA (Return of the Ancients.) Check out his website, forum, and sign up for his email list at --- What is STAR FORCE? “It’s like Robert A. Heinlein’s stole a draft from Asimov, the publisher is Frank Herbert and the editor H.G. Wells...” – reader review Short Answer: It’s Jurassic Park meets Star Wars. Long Answer: It’s a scifi book franchise already over 3 million words long detailing the discovery of Earth’s true origins and how it was originally a colony of a galaxy-spanning Dinosaur Empire called the V’kit’no’sat. A rebellion by the Rit’ko’sor (Raptors) hurt the empire badly and caused it to contract, leaving the frontier worlds abandoned. After Earth was attacked and purged by the Raptors, the few V’kit’no’sat survivors fled the planet never to return. But somehow in that final evacuation a few elite Human slaves, known as Zen’zat, were left behind. Forgotten, they spawned Earth’s current civilization in defiance of protocol, for Zen’zat were given special powers under the condition that they NEVER reproduce under pain of death…for themselves and their offspring. Lost to history, the origins of Humanity were blurred into myth until the discovery of a buried V’kit’no’sat structure in Antarctica by the Pegasus Corporation. The stark realization of what we are and the inevitable doom we face if the Dinosaurs return prompts the Pegasus CEO to hide the discovery from the public as he creates a new spinoff corporate entity called STAR FORCE to capitalize on the planet’s gradual move towards space colonization…but in secret Star Force’s mandate is to build up Earth’s technology, territory, and defenses for the day when the Dinosaurs come back and we face a fight that Humanity has no chance of winning. --- *Reader Praise for STAR FORCE* "Author is an absolutely AMAZING storyteller..." "A great series, this is my favourite syfy series." "This storyline pulled in immediately. Different in so many ways, not your typical space opera or action adventure." "Out of all the series I read Star Force is the only one that I feel really captures the sheer scale of interplanetary, and interstellar space. If you want to see the way humanity grows from a single planet civilization fighting to survive in a galaxy filled with threats to a massive alliance of thousands of races fighting enormous battles in space, in the air, on the ground, and in the oceans, then this series is for you." "It's like Robert A. Heinlein's stole a draft from Asimov, the publisher is Frank Herbert and the editor H.G. Wells'. One of the best series i have read, gives the feeling of the old known Sci-fi writers. the only problem is that you'll get addicted.... Highly recommended" "Well..i am caught up...i have read all 100 SF episodes and the first of the Wayward series..and i want to fast forward the clock until the rest are ready to read! I have read Science fiction from the age of 5 until 48 years of voracious reading ...and its rare for me to look forwards to more in a series like i am with SF." "I bought the first book to try it out and immediately bought 2,3,4 and the rest as I finished each one as im addicted to the story now and cant wait for the next installment. I would recommend it to any science fiction reader as the best series ive read in years." "If you like military SF, this one is on the same level of all the best; probably better for the plot and leading characters keep evolving, keeping you hooked up. I've read all the books in little less than 4 weeks...Simply the best series i've read in the last 5 years. Congrats Are-ki Jyr!!! "I've been reading Are-Ki Jyr on fan fic for awhile and wanted to give his new original series a go. All I can say is wow! The writing is amazing and the plot is sound with heaps of room for expansion! I am already steaming my way through the other entries and am addicted. this would make an amazing Tv show!" "Time flies. Still religiously buy them as soon as they are published. I take back what I said about this not being a Masterpiece. If he Finishes this, it will be."

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